Back from Portchester

And the internets are back

Too much lunch choice

Fitbit Versa should be arriving tomorrow

Birthday in Gunwharf

Birthday swag

BACK from Chessington

Also one week birthday countdown starts now

Chessington booked

Happy birthday Mum

Last day of being eight years old

Busy morning

Happy birthday Dad

The last working day of the month

Thank you for the birthday money

Happy Birthday to ya

Shopped in Knight and Lea

Fun time bowling in Gunwharf

Number one son got a special award at school

Made a cup of coffee

No rain here yet

Happy Birthday Mum

What's a plumber's favourite vegetable?

Number one son's birthday was the best day ever

Number one son's birthday tomorrow

Also we've been OUT tonight

Happy Third Birthday

Still not convinced by The Hunters

Day seven of not not drinking

Land Rover Safari

Booked two more edinburgh shows

Happy Birthday Number one son

Family tree updates

Happy Birthday

birthday went very quickly

Just figured my "reply" links aren't working very well

Full week at work

number one son's party was today

Lovely birthday


Smashing early birthday celebrations (what I can remember of it)

Olympic torch came by here today

Hectic weekend, hectic week

The boy's birthday day out

We're off to Edinburgh Fringe

Olympics closing ceremony alternative gig in Hyde Park

Happy birthday us

Ask me Ask me Ask me

Birthday bean


Happy half birthday the boy

Have you ever been to a Harvester before?

Ten steps

Lovely birthday

Today is the 20th anniversary

Happy birthday the boy

Happy birthday

4am start again


Happy birthday the boy

Happy half birthday the boy

The boy's half birthday

Tonight's menu

Tried to go to The Tiger Inn today

Another lovely weekend



Surveillance society

BACK, from Amsterdam

Portchester weekender

The rest of the weekend