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Star studded Sandgate

HOT day today

The diggers are back on the beach this week

Bright but cooler day today

Hoping for a nice weekend

Boys doing their best standing still for a photo

UFO on the beach this morning!

Day off!

Hot hot hot here today and yesterday

Lovely drone video showing Princes Parade

Beach stuff

Lovely on the beach today

Warmer than Madrid, Rome, Athens, Istanbul here today

Surprisingly I had the beach all to myself at lunchtime

I'm pinned to the 10,000 steps a day target

Quiet day at home today

Now I'm wondering about getting rid of our boiler

Oh and wasn't it a lovely day today?


We went to the beach this morning

Fast weekend

Went swimming today

Went to the beach today

Another day of back pain

Ice cream

Nice morning on the beach, and lunch out on the balcony

Another scorcher today

Weekend roundup

Not what I meant by "getting stoned down the beach"

Another nice day with the family

Nice day in Folkestone


Sofa not so good

Paul Clarke


Family tree


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