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Beach Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6JD

18 Beach Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1QW 01303 249846

Sunny Sands beach, Folkestone, Kent

Yes of the Beach Boys, one to tick off the list. He was a bit unsteady on his feet but he had great support in recreating the perfect sound. Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX [2002-06-10 2002]

Diet day again today Even though we are passed trying to attain the beach body we're back on the 5/2 diet and... [Tue 8 August 2017]

Star studded Sandgate Elaine Cassidy out of No Offence (she played Dinah) was in The Inn Doors earlier. And so... [Sat 17 June 2017]

HOT day today We have been on the beach , was really nice out. [Sun 9 April 2017]

The diggers are back on the beach this week Shingle shifting starts today on the beaches between #Folkestone and #Hythe . Should take... [Mon 24 October 2016]

Bright but cooler day today There was some bad weather yesterday, fierce waves battering the shore. On my morning walk... [Mon 17 October 2016]

Beach swimming Not me! It's a bit chilly today watch says 9 degrees, though it's sunny and calm. I walked Harry... [Mon 10 October 2016]

Hoping for a nice weekend Went to the beach again last night after the boys tea, as yesterday was roasting. By the time... [Fri 9 September 2016]

Boys doing their best standing still for a photo We went to the beach last night after I got in from work, as it was so nice. Just for a walk... [Thu 8 September 2016]

UFO on the beach this morning! Looking out of the window this morning there seemed to be quite a few people on the beach... [Tue 6 September 2016]

Day off! Clare's working tomorrow, so I've got the day off with the boys! Not sure what we're going to do... [Wed 31 August 2016]

Hot hot hot here today and yesterday Hot weather drives people to our part of town, literally. I'm sure the beaches were heaving... [Wed 24 August 2016]

Lovely drone video showing Princes Parade Don't let THE MAN build loads of houses on this patch of land between the canal and the beach... [Thu 14 July 2016]

Beach stuff I'm after some new shorts , and if I'm going to the bother of buying new clothes I want them to... [Thu 12 May 2016]

Lovely on the beach today Some pictures here . [Sun 8 May 2016]

Warmer than Madrid, Rome, Athens, Istanbul here today Lovely day ! I should not be in on the computer. We're heading out soon, maybe just to the... [Sun 8 May 2016]

Surprisingly I had the beach all to myself at lunchtime Amazing waves, which I completely failed to capture here... Still it's hella windy, thanks Storm... [Mon 8 February 2016]

I'm pinned to the 10,000 steps a day target Not always achieving it, but on reading this that's OK... At the weekends it's fine, I might do... [Wed 17 June 2015]

Quiet day at home today Clare was working today, she's doing nearly every saturday at the moment in exchange for a day in... [Sat 6 December 2014]

Low tide at Folkestone is RIGHT NOW! See here , low tide is at 09.30 and that's the time to go search for the buried treasure on... [Sat 30 August 2014]

No I'm not down on the beach No-one has found any gold yet . Wonder if it is just a prank, and there is really no gold? Looks... [Thu 28 August 2014]

Beautiful day, the beach is packed with people Working from home today (can I shorten this to WFH like we do at work ?) and it's so nice... [Thu 17 July 2014]

Now I'm wondering about getting rid of our boiler We have a powermax 155x and on googling for it (what is it? It seems like a combi boiler as we... [Sat 5 April 2014]

Oh and wasn't it a lovely day today? Harry was at the cinema this morning with friends (and friends' parents, he is only four still)... [Sun 9 March 2014]

Curry Out for a curry last night with work, to the Everest in Hythe. I was home again before 8pm,... [Wed 5 February 2014]

Nobody on the road, everybody on the beach It's a super hot and sunny today, what a day to genuinely be off sick - no-one would believe... [Tue 18 June 2013]

Great weekend in Watergate Bay Been to Cornwall with the weekend with the boys, not Newquay , but near Newquay , Watergate... [Mon 1 October 2012]

We went to the beach this morning Some pictures , also updated pictures of how the garage conversion is getting on too: [Sun 12 August 2012]

Sandcastle competion Sunday, win a meal at RockSalt! Unfortunately this just missed the mailout... I don't suppose you could add the details of the... [Fri 6 July 2012]

The final countdown Today is the last day of January abstinence... [Fri 27 January 2012]

Fast weekend Nice weekend, went very fast though. I had my lie in Saturday, though got up at nine to watch the... [Tue 18 October 2011]

Went swimming today Much as I hate things like this (for example those kids who only do free running /... [Sun 2 October 2011]

Where did my holiday go (part six)? Man alive been back at work two days already and it feels like longer. Lots of stuff to do. The... [Tue 23 August 2011]

Went to the beach today OK, went near the beach today. Went down to the Harbour this afternoon, after a heavy morning... [Wed 17 August 2011]

Another day of back pain And another hot day too. Don't think they're related. Harry had a lovely time at the beach, he's... [Tue 28 June 2011]

Ice cream We took a walk along the beach yesterday, Clare had been to Escondido with her mum and Dom,... [Sun 5 June 2011]

Nice morning on the beach, and lunch out on the balcony Today is a good day! Really hot and sunny. Went to the beach early with Harry, it was still a... [Sun 17 April 2011]

Another scorcher today Have a good weekend all, remember the sunblock [Fri 9 July 2010]

Weekend roundup AS I mentioned , The boy and I did go to the beach, it was packed. We did not venture on to the... [Mon 28 June 2010]

good news someone has been arrested in the dog killing case... [Sat 26 December 2009]

Not what I meant by "getting stoned down the beach" evil bastards killed a dog, aren't there cameras down there? [Wed 16 December 2009]

Another nice day with the family If anyone says they saw me in McD's, my nephews dragged me in there, OK? [Sun 14 June 2009]

Nice day in Folkestone I twittered from the beach, why did it say "from web"? [Sun 31 May 2009]

FOLKESTONE SANDCASTLE COMPETITION 2008 Raising money for The Church Street Project, a registered charity providing Art Therapy and... [Fri 1 August 2008]

One more video of Folkestone: Fossil collecting on the beach With some sound this time, nice. [Tue 12 September 2006]

Sofa not so good Our new sofa is not arriving tomorrow now, I think they just realised about the clash with the... [Fri 30 June 2006]

Body washed up on Folkestone beach :-( From Auntie : The body was discovered in Folkestone shortly after 2200 BST on Thursday. A... [Fri 30 June 2006]

It's all still there isn't it? Just closed down Doesn't look a lot of fun at all. Surely there's plenty of fun to be had in the town without the... [Tue 21 February 2006]

RE: BBC - Kent - Discover Kent - Beach Guide - Folkestone where is the fun fair now? [Mon 20 February 2006]

RE: BBC - Kent - Discover Kent - Beach Guide - Folkestone BBC report out of date - why the suprise? [Fri 17 February 2006]

BBC - Kent - Discover Kent - Beach Guide - Folkestone Oof, isn't this page from the BBC a bit out of date? [Fri 17 February 2006]

Azureus : Plugin Details for SafePeer [Sat 21 January 2006]

Azureus - WhatIsNat [Wed 10 November 2004]

Hmm Just heard from someone else who got standing tickets first attempt... It's clearly some sort of... [Thu 4 November 2004] - .com and .net are scammers! - The REAL Universal BitTorrent source [Thu 4 November 2004]

The Darkness play Brixton, slight return A cheeky warmup show for the boys from Lowestoft... not exactly an intimate moment, and not... [Thu 4 November 2004]

Sunset Beach Someone's just reported on popbitch that Sunset Beach is to return to Channel 5... I have... [Wed 1 September 2004]

The I.V's Steve Bedlow The Beach Gig AUGUST 2002 [Fri 24 January 2003]

Steve Bedlow (Ex Frontman for The Libertines) 2002 August 03: UK, Scarborough, H2002:Beached (fe [Tue 21 January 2003]

Fatboy goes back to the beach... The summer is hotting up... [Fri 22 February 2002]

Tyrone Tom from Big Brother Portrush, Beach [Wed 8 August 2001]

leftfield axion-beach-rock in zeebrugge,belgium [Thu 22 March 2001]

Rhys Ifans Beach near St Ives, Cornwall [Tue 22 August 2000]

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This is my personal , so if you search here for pubbing or other venues you will only find beach pubs / venues I was at or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you are interested in a more broader search Please do try beach on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international places...

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