Got a dodgy text supposedly from Sainsburys

A fun day of organised fun, despite the drizzle

Someone is coming to collect the beetle

Abandoned our plan to go to Aspendos

I got a good day for a day off

Two pages of substitutions in our Sainsbury order

Sunny day in Tenterden

Another flipping birthday party Sunday

Went to Ashford - Ashford is rubbish

Got to the bottom of the boiler service mystery

Sunday yet more shopping

Fun time bowling in Gunwharf

So lots of weekend activity

Summer is back again

Number one son's birthday was the best day ever

For tea we went to Wagamama

I'm going for the secondment at work

The Force Awakens

Imagine there's no peace...

Folkestone Harbour Arm is OPEN for business

Action packed weekend

I would definitely like to go to Marseille by train

We were planning to go to Ramsgate...

Test drove a Hyundai i20

A full weekend then

I slept strangely well last night

Lovely day, in Ashford of all places...

Number one son had a cinema party today

Someone at bowling had a bad day

Full week at work


New John Lewis is very nice

First casualty of the great storm of 2013

Magic Numbers

Ah I don't believe it

Tim Burgess and Dodgy playing Ashford festival

The Magic Numbers play Ashford St Mary's on 28th September

Swimming today

Frightening stuff, attempted abduction at a boot fair

Another birthday ceremony lined up for Clare and I

An adventure

Going bowling

We finally went swimming today

Good weekend, with some sleep!

CAMRA beer festival at Tenterden Station next weekend

Cider / wine press for sale!

Who knew butter was a laxative?

Kids Planet

Little nursery

Where did my holiday go (part six)?

Made it to London and back in the snow

Freezing here again today

Oh also went to Bybrook Barn today

Up early, but without vomit

Bar Vasa reigning back in

Up in the middle of the night, to take the boy swimming

A night out in Ashford

Bar 30 in Ashford closed?

RT @renyard mpressed with the new high speed train. Taken 45 mins off my commute!

Who says I'm unqualified?

Boy's birth by twitter

Richard Herring is in Ashford tonight

Ashford's Julie Rose Stadium is closing

Lost: bit rubbish

Free parking at festival for car sharers

Bullet train does London to Ashford in 32 minutes

Don't you wish you went to school in Ashford

West is best right now too

Art exhibition on Hythe Road

Short weekend

RE: Mayfield Suite / Stour Centre / Gene Loves Jezebel - 10618

RE: Mayfield Suite - 10614

Train news

Ooh lightning strike!

The sister-in-law's waters have just broken

Hotspots created as Londoners flood in

Weddingtastic weekender

Passenger's charter

Rugby weekend

Walking from Bank to Cannon Street

They can go high speed

Folkestone train times

Estate Agent Update