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RE: New picture Aww, congrats and all the best for getting some sleep. He is beautiful and perfect! x [Wed 10 June 2009]

@pauly #m12701 great picture, looks sweet, Hope everything is going well. :) @pauly m12701 --> great picture, looks sweet, Hope everything is going well. :) [Tue 9 June 2009]

New picture No me in this one, it's all baby! [Tue 9 June 2009]

its all ies then... bah humbug! x [Wed 3 June 2009]

Been eating very little else for weeks now... [Wed 3 June 2009]

RE: Due day plus NINE Get her to eat pineapple. My midwife suggested it. x [Tue 2 June 2009]

Due day plus NINE No news, accupuncture does not seem to have had any affect, fancy that... [Tue 2 June 2009]

RE: Due day plus four You should have had a hat printed, not sor many worries about the cleaniness thing then. Hope it... [Fri 29 May 2009]

Due day plus four And still no sign. I should have got a t-shirt made up for work "If you can see me, then no the... [Thu 28 May 2009]

RE: b-dum b-dum b-dum Men are not meant to understand what goes on at midwife appointments unless they are midwives... [Thu 19 February 2009]

b-dum b-dum b-dum Heard the baby's heartbeat yesterday on Clare's mobile phone, how cool is that? [Wed 18 February 2009]

RE: Hey stranger Hello you, well that is just wondeful news, congrats to you both. My little man is now 2 and a... [Sun 18 January 2009]

Hey stranger Yeah baby boy , due end of May, cheers! [Sat 17 January 2009]

RE: Solid oak dining table - GBP16 Hold up, baby stuff.. are congrats in order?? [Sat 17 January 2009]

No, did you see the price it finally went for? Bit more than 16 quid! [Fri 16 January 2009]

RE: Solid oak dining table - GBP16 I see that its gone now, did you get it? Pops [Fri 16 January 2009]

Solid oak dining table - 16 Don't bid on this , I'm going for it! Collect from Brighton, won't stay at that price for long... [Tue 13 January 2009]

I like the sound of Sheffield Next time we're heading North I think we will go there. [Mon 30 July 2007]

Just like a man.... Oh Southports lovely...... bit of an arse to get to. Next time you should try Morecombe, bit of... [Mon 30 July 2007]

Didn't go up the tower or on the ride I'm guessing they are the only bits of Blackpool normally to bother with, but based on the rest... [Tue 24 July 2007]

Oh NOW you come up with suggestions... If I'd engaged a bit more when we were planning our trip I'd have preferred to go to Sheffield or... [Tue 24 July 2007]

RE: Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up) blackpool is indeed an awful place, you should have gone to southport which is lovely, as my... [Tue 24 July 2007]

RE: Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up) Have to say I totally understand what you're saying about Blackpool - I've been there a few times... [Tue 24 July 2007]

Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up) Have you been to Blackpool ? DON'T EVER EVER GO THERE, man alive, it was the worst place I've... [Sun 22 July 2007]

Good to hear! We're putting that on our list, and never watching Bones again, and finding the Kathy Reichs... [Sun 31 December 2006]

RE: Too busy being festive to update I hate bones its so damn unrealistic! And that face thing, purlease.... its badly acted,... [Sun 31 December 2006]

And to you Have you seen Pirates of the Carribean 2 ? That's not nearly as good as the first one, agreed... [Sun 24 December 2006]

Merry Christmas Oh and shame you and your lovely wife aren't around this Christmas - you will be missed. Hope... [Sun 24 December 2006]

RE: Too busy being festive to update From Hell is great - in fact, I haven't seen many Johnny Depp films that I haven't liked apart... [Sun 24 December 2006]

Too busy being festive to update Been doing all the usual things though, one lot of xmas drinks with some friends that I don't see... [Sat 23 December 2006]

bless him! Lovely, good work you... No job yet for me here :-( PS the Brut is not for wearing, it's for... [Tue 3 October 2006]

Brut? Thats far too DLT for my liking... *shudders* Sorry for delay in replying, I forget things... [Tue 3 October 2006]

Poor old Fareham This property hotspot list from The Independent is a bit harsh I feel. Not just that there's... [Mon 2 October 2006]

John Otway was a highlight for me swinging from the lampshades and things. Also I remember a guy banging nails into his face . I... [Thu 13 April 2006]

RE: My gigography The Cabaret nights at the Wedgewood Room firstly sponsored by Wild Turkey and then by... [Wed 12 April 2006]

RE: DARKSIDED!!! My GOD! this woman is Sick! HAHA! Kick her ass! [Sat 1 April 2006]

RE: DARKSIDED!!! I love it. it's beautiful. [Wed 29 March 2006]

It's all kind of familiar from so many Private Eye columns Cheers for the update! [Wed 8 March 2006]

RE: No to a badger cull! badger cull update... [Wed 8 March 2006]

We got the first disk of Charmed I'd seen it before and thought it was OK, but watching 4 in a row like that just showed it up for... [Wed 8 March 2006]

RE: stellstarr* live tonight Hullo, you should watch Roswell. I think most of the series' are on DVD now. Otherwise, get a... [Wed 8 March 2006]

Yes, Sopranos are already on the list and we have 24 We moved part way through series four and lost track of it, so we might get that too... Got lots... [Wed 8 March 2006]

RE: stellsatrr* live tonight I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT - but do you watch 24 or the Sopranos? If I was to say what my... [Wed 8 March 2006]

RE: X-Files??? oh my god...i have to say i've just drenched my monitor in laughter spit! also, i would like to... [Tue 7 March 2006]

X-Files??? Are you having a laugh? Some other good suggestions in there though, cheers... Also, because it... [Tue 7 March 2006]

We are dumb and missed it We chose Midsomer Murders instead... luckily it's repeated on Saturday so will be watching it then. [Tue 7 March 2006]

RE: No to a badger cull! those badgers (just like the killer squirrels) arent as cute as they look you know! also, i... [Tue 7 March 2006]

RE: stellsatrr* live tonight tv eps you should watch include: desperate housewives, boston legal, house, the oc, entire... [Tue 7 March 2006]

No to a badger cull! Click here to email DEFRA . [Tue 7 March 2006]

stellstarr* live tonight Should have plugged this earlier, they're at Kings College tonight . Also, we seem to have run... [Tue 7 March 2006]

Would I? isnt mockery preserved for posh southerners? [Tue 28 February 2006]

You can see how busy it was First a van crashed into us, right, and then I took a picture of it, and then I wrote about it on... [Mon 27 February 2006]

RE: What a day to have forgot my camera and lost my phone Busy work day huh? [Mon 27 February 2006]

What a day to have forgot my camera and lost my phone A Royal Mail van just drove right into the front of our building here in Farringdon . We heard... [Mon 27 February 2006]

RE: DARKSIDED!!! I live in Seattle (geographically, just about as far away from this woman's home as one can get... [Mon 20 February 2006]

Yes, there's the devoted audience to consider And also potential advertisers! I'll have another look at the pictures Clare took at the weekend... [Wed 15 February 2006]

even better.. whats the point in showing us after its grown?! But I guess you dont want to be scaring off... [Tue 14 February 2006]

no, we tried, but the camera makes me look like a mental Maybe when it's grown a bit... [Tue 14 February 2006]

Sod the telly... lets see the new haircut! [Mon 13 February 2006]

Weekend report Super weekend, starting with The Mighty Boosh at the LCH , funny, good, we felt a bit old... [Mon 13 February 2006]

Result! Very pleased for you. [Fri 27 January 2006]

I got my tickets! Took me about 30 mins mind, all the websites kept falling over. [Fri 27 January 2006]

They are drunk, abusive, underage and wreaking havoc in a Hampshire town No, not my friends... [Fri 27 January 2006]

RE: Save it for home, it's a corker Cracking stuff. She's clearly unhinged. [Wed 25 January 2006]

RE: Save it for home, it's a corker the stuff of legend!!! [Mon 23 January 2006]

RE: Save it for home, it's a corker Oooh she's right scary. She'll be on that American telly soon no doubt with her own show. She's... [Mon 23 January 2006]

RE: Save it for home, it's a corker Is she for real! [Mon 23 January 2006]

Save it for home, it's a corker [Mon 23 January 2006]

RE: DARKSIDED!!! I can't hear that at work, but I bet its a beauty!! [Mon 23 January 2006]

DARKSIDED!!! Messed up footage from the American equivalent of wife swap... aren't people just great?... [Fri 20 January 2006]

Bah certainly got mine before then, it's the right model and everything... ah well, it's not actually... [Mon 21 November 2005]

as I understand it... you have to live in the states and have purchased it before the end of may 2004. which is a PAIN... [Mon 21 November 2005]

Digg Hmm, are Apple really going to give me a free battery ? That would be nice. Via , a... [Mon 21 November 2005]

Good to be back in touch mate! Did we see Jonathon King? [Fri 4 November 2005]

RE: My gigography My 19th birthday gig !!! Deeeee-lite were a bit shite as I remember. The Revolting Cocks were... [Fri 4 November 2005]

Good, they look kinda skanky... [Thu 3 November 2005]

I didn't make them I found them on a website... they don't look all that tasty really. [Thu 3 November 2005]

please don't tell me YOU made those? I bet they arent vegan... [Thu 3 November 2005]

While we're on the subject of cookies too... IPOD cookies : ipod cookies [Thu 3 November 2005]

thats better increase your traffic by breaking things, never fails! [Thu 3 November 2005]

Got it now, hang on in there if you're interested I added a new thing to the cookie that this board sets, I'm saving the date you last visited.... [Thu 3 November 2005]

aha, no it's not! This thing thinks you're logged in, even if you're not, how queer! [Wed 2 November 2005]

RE: I'm being a real moron today No idea why that should have disappeared... it's all OK here, I will look into it. [Wed 2 November 2005]

I'm being a real moron today right that makes sense. Where is there nowhere for me to leave my name? Have I missed that too... [Wed 2 November 2005]

RE: I was testing the stars here before putting them on popex [Wed 2 November 2005]

RE: HTTP::Cookies::Safari - Cookie storage and management for Safari [Wed 2 November 2005]

I was testing the stars here before putting them on popex Think I might pull them again from here! Maybe just leave them for posts that have links with... [Wed 2 November 2005]

and thats me btw aeth x [Wed 2 November 2005]

hold it you go away being busy and the litle and come back and its all change. all i can see are stars... [Wed 2 November 2005]

hoho is there not a nappy you should be changing? [Wed 2 November 2005]

not again... damn, will fix that, cheers... [Wed 2 November 2005]

RE: HTTP::Cookies::Safari - Cookie storage and management for Safari Looks like your "adding who posted a comment" function is broken? [itchypaws] [Tue 1 November 2005]

RE: HTTP::Cookies::Safari - Cookie storage and management for Safari Safari Cookies are great... [Tue 1 November 2005] HTTP::Cookies::Safari - Cookie storage and management for Safari Damnit, why should safari cookies be different ? This sounds like a bit of a bodge, but I am... [Tue 1 November 2005]

RE: Ace weekend That bit of the A3 is a NIGHTmare... spent a good 2 hours there over the summer. ugh.... and... [Mon 3 October 2005]

Ace weekend Took a road trip to Fareham to visit the family this weekend, borrowing Clare's dad's car. No... [Mon 3 October 2005]

RE: San Francisco You see what happens when you dont listen?.. I tell kids that ALL the damn time, they never... [Thu 22 September 2005]

RE: San Francisco Everyone's saying that about San Fran now, and looking back on the things I was actually told... [Thu 22 September 2005]

RE: San Francisco I have to admit SF was one of the biggest disappointments of my life. Completely over-rated. We... [Thu 22 September 2005]

RE: YARR! yep thats the one.. although hes a good boy now you know.... Im worried that lost is going to go... [Wed 21 September 2005]

RE: YARR! Charlie being the hobbit on smack? Have missed that for the past couple of weeks now, will just... [Wed 21 September 2005]

San Francisco So, part the first of my big holiday / honeymoon write up. Slight preamble, some experiences on... [Wed 21 September 2005]

RE: YARR! You look at bit like Charlie from lost in those images. Thats Treasure Island in Vegas innit? [Wed 21 September 2005]

YARR! It's International Talk Like A Pirate day ! [Mon 19 September 2005]

Millenium vegan restaurant In the Savoy Hotel (between Taylor and Jones streets, Union Square [Tue 30 August 2005]

thats me... Mrs HawkEye! thats me... Mrs HawkEye! [Mon 22 August 2005]

Well spotted! [Sat 20 August 2005]

I think you may need to alter your blog's tag line.. you are now married! I think you may need to alter your blog's tag line.. you are now married! [Fri 19 August 2005]

So, one week as a married man Damn, do you think they make these but not in leather? I think I need one. It's got built... [Fri 19 August 2005]

you should cancel yours and just use theirs! There's one other network in my building, not a very strong signal and it's closed too. Could be... [Thu 18 August 2005]

that's a really good setting top skills on that choice. nah, if you're any good work will realised that without you they're... [Thu 18 August 2005]

No, hired the suits from Canterbury The wedding was at Lympne Castle . It's going to be hard enough coming back after two weeks,... [Wed 17 August 2005]

congrats from ME aaawww some of those pics were really good. although i couldnt help noticing the sea in the... [Wed 17 August 2005]

It was SUCH a fab day [Wed 17 August 2005]

Don't my hands look big though? Like some kind of climbing lizard. Also the boys look a bit bored, I hope they're livened up in... [Wed 17 August 2005]

Bo! Cheers matey. [Wed 17 August 2005]

congratulations from The Fighting Cocks you knows it! [Tue 16 August 2005]

Nice one matey, it looks like you had a splendid day. I especially liked this photo:

Yeah, was just pleasant enough though [Tue 16 August 2005]

Hottest day... Just realised - the 12th of August came and went and it wasn't too hot was it? Bring back the... [Tue 16 August 2005]

Congrats!! Gorgeous pictures! Clare looked really stunning! Looks like a fun day was had by all [Tue 16 August 2005]

We're BACK! Back in work today, the wedding was amazing. I have several days to catch up on here, but if you... [Tue 16 August 2005]

Yeah, you are right, they are scarily accurate. Our area is pretty much like described. Im just the blip, which I dont mind. If I wasnt we proba... Yeah, you are right, they are scarily accurate. Our area is pretty much like described. Im just... [Fri 5 August 2005]

I think I DO live in a desirable locale! They're bang on the money with a lot of the things they say, there are a lot of care homes in the... [Fri 5 August 2005]

yeah, i think we are the exceptions... I earn an average income (what is the av anyway?!), have employment in the long term, have more... [Fri 5 August 2005]

golf? rugby? Apart from that they've got you down pretty close... Why don't you have satellite or cable? [Fri 5 August 2005]

but you are posh like me! What is that site all about? I have to admit I have a can of Tesco Value Bitter in the... [Fri 5 August 2005]

But I DON'T have satellite TV These are neighbourhoods of young well-off commuter families, with many pre-school and primary... [Thu 4 August 2005]

hmmmmmm............... These are poor families in low-rise estates. The estates are home to nearly as many single... [Thu 4 August 2005]

I aspire to a gold card, but I struggle to pay off my debts What's your postcode saying behind your back ? Mine's not being very complementary at all:... [Thu 4 August 2005]

had mine 18months.. but lke you say, I had been through many before that. Its a bit disappointing, perhaps I should get one of those handy solar ch... had mine 18months.. but lke you say, I had been through many before that. Its a bit... [Wed 3 August 2005]

yeah it's a bit shitty how long you had yours? If it's still within warranty it's worth making a fuss, mate at work is... [Tue 2 August 2005]

Mine does that, charge it up, says its full, end of day nothing.

Damn thing, its bloody annoying as I don't want to have to bring my cha...
Mine does that, charge it up, says its full, end of day nothing. Damn thing, its bloody annoying... [Tue 2 August 2005]

Lots of IPOD battery packs Cheers Neil . [Tue 2 August 2005]

This week's transport rubbishness This week's bad thing was her train from Charing Cross being cancelled last night, so she was 40... [Tue 2 August 2005]

Bon Jovi rule, actually Where was that, Wembley? Never actually seen them myself. I think I've probably been to many... [Thu 23 June 2005]

Har, har. My worst is Bon Jovi in 1988... Har, har. My worst is Bon Jovi in 1988... [Thu 23 June 2005]

That reminds me that I once saw NKOTB and Jason Donovan.....
That reminds me that I once saw NKOTB and Jason Donovan..... [Wed 22 June 2005]

That does remind me actually I went to see Take That once, hope I can find the ticket for that... [Wed 22 June 2005]

Don't forget we went to see Bros together at Wembley Stadium, 1988 ;-) Don't forget we went to see Bros together at Wembley Stadium, 1988 ;-) [Tue 21 June 2005]

My gigography Getting there with my gigography now, a list of every gig I've been to , from 1987 up to... [Tue 21 June 2005]

Google Maps Google Group Very useful group for discussing google map things... [Tue 21 June 2005]

well chop chop I wanna know [Mon 20 June 2005]

Not listened to it yet [Sun 19 June 2005]

Yeah I have, some good stuff going on Seeing what other people had done geed me along a bit... I'm only using my own XML feed at the... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Tom Cool. Have you looked at - they're doing some really interesting stuff with... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Coming soon! 183 gigs catalogued so far, I reckon I will give you the link on Monday when I've done some more... [Fri 17 June 2005]

is it any good? you are the only person I know who has a copy. Should I buy it or borrow it? [Fri 17 June 2005]

never mind fancy maps where is this gigography?!!?! [Fri 17 June 2005]

Google map obsessive Fancy map techniques [Fri 17 June 2005]

Google Map App Made me a sensible google map based application at last, it's an interactive map of Folkestone... [Fri 17 June 2005]

Woo got me The Tears album I knew working in this industry for long enough would pay off, I just got it for free... Now I... [Tue 14 June 2005]

oh i'm inspiring.. thats rather nice. Means I'll have to get up to date now tho'... [Sun 12 June 2005]

Google-maps hack WHACKED! read more on Slashdot ... I think most of the interesting map sites ought to be safe, the site... [Fri 10 June 2005]

Stage dive? Gotta see that. [Thu 9 June 2005]

Don't be shy! [Wed 8 June 2005]

It was just too good a post to waste I've done best gig stuff here before too, go search ... [Wed 8 June 2005]

of course we're all still listening init. top gigs for me would be all the people you're not too fond... [Wed 8 June 2005]

Repetition I remember you having a go at me for repeating stuff and here you are doing exactly that. Tut,... [Wed 8 June 2005]

not asking for your name? I don't know, some cookie wonkiness maybe... did it just remember your name? It ought to do that... [Wed 8 June 2005]

Oh and.... sort out your ticket stubbs, hours of fun in that one and Im curious to see yours, coz I have... [Wed 8 June 2005]

OMG, Wolfsbane... they were FAB!! OMG, Wolfsbane... they were FAB!! [Wed 8 June 2005]

Best Gigs Ever Hmm, having no joy tracking down the full 100 of Time Out's best london gigs chart they did... [Wed 8 June 2005]

ah yes the leaflet campaign That sounds like a sound move. Failing that dont wash for a week and everyone will move away... [Fri 20 May 2005]

the more I blog it the more likely the guilty parties are to read it and to TAKE HEED! [Fri 20 May 2005]

sleep There was me thinking that you'd deleted all your posts or something, and this had gone back to... [Fri 20 May 2005]

Blogging about her seems to have done the trick The carriage was in SILENCE today... just to be on the safe side though, we're going to start a... [Fri 20 May 2005]

evil cow i hope you hexed her [Thu 19 May 2005]

what, of star wars? yeah my corners must look RUBBISH if you're loading your own CSS or something... if you want to... [Thu 19 May 2005]

mOOMINTRUDE your rounded corners - i see wot u've done but they dont work on my screen res - and also as i've... [Thu 19 May 2005]

The rules of commuting Not so much of an issue for me today as I slept well and wasn't tired this morning, and am quite... [Thu 19 May 2005]

2pm Hottest time of day on the hottest day ever, in the hottest clothes... This will be one HOT... [Fri 13 May 2005]

How in the name of HELL can they do that? Its bloody ages off yet and anything could happen weatherwise. I don't care if they spent... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Hottest day EVER! SO the papers ( and the sun ) are predicting that 12th of August is going to be the hottest day... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Ugh I hate being late home its just ruins your evening and you dont feel like you have been away from wotk AT ALL. Its just... [Thu 5 May 2005]

PopEx tickets Sales perked up a little last month, here are the top ten ticket sellers through popex for... [Wed 4 May 2005]

yeah nice and fast 2 meg ADSL from BT, works nicely... got to get me a proper desk now. Got the imac on a little... [Tue 3 May 2005]

and that was me obv.... [Tue 3 May 2005]

why thank you I thought i was already linked, but obv not! Congrats on posting form Folkey.. YAY!! Is it all... [Tue 3 May 2005]

Aetheria [Mon 2 May 2005]

Just been on there a fair while and have lots of links to me... I will link you up now, not sure if you are already. WOO, this is... [Mon 2 May 2005]

I see you are worth a fair bit on blogshare its all a bit mad innit? [Sat 30 April 2005]

Idleberry Another popex chum is blogging ... [Fri 29 April 2005]

Popscene Popscene is San Francisco 's premier weekly indie dance club, got to check... [Fri 22 April 2005]

oh cleva pauly anyway, i also meant to add that there is a monthly food mag you can collect from hotels and the... [Wed 20 April 2005]

And now they've removed that one Search ebay for Paula Radcliffe's poo here ... [Wed 20 April 2005]

You don't need to be, just paste it in See, that all works nicely... Cheers for those btw! [Wed 20 April 2005]

yep its a wee bit mad! not been in the manc one yet, so that may be shit. Oh renew vows in the window? Not sure how... [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: More San Francisco tips Here is a list of veggie places in the SF/Bay area..... if I can remember the name of the... [Wed 20 April 2005]

More San Francisco tips first of all, are you staying at the W Hotel? If not, it is next to Moscone and the bar in there... [Tue 19 April 2005]

oooh top marks for IT Helpdesk guru Pauly. worked a treat. ta. [Tue 19 April 2005]

oh you might have cached the CSS refresh the page, should sort that out if it looks really bad, no colour, sidebar stuff all at... [Tue 19 April 2005]

This page is on Been doing some twiddling, not quite finished yet... looks more or less the same as it did before... [Tue 19 April 2005]

California recommendations Got some emailed recommendations here, and some more to add later, it's OK to post them up here... [Tue 19 April 2005]

morning why has the style of this page changed? it's different to the style of [Tue 19 April 2005]

Ooh yeah it's all Vegas themed isn't it Are you going to renew your vows in their front window? [Tue 19 April 2005]

It was Paula Radcliffe's poo, for sale on EBAY Possibly not real. Another joker has done the same thing here ... [Tue 19 April 2005]

We where in london at the weekend everyone else opted to see the end of the marathon and saw paula cross the line meanwhile me... [Mon 18 April 2005]

I am full of good ideas now get with it! [Mon 18 April 2005]

RE: Paula Radcliffe Give us a clue then... ebay have removed the item. [Mon 18 April 2005]

Good idea, maybe people can vote on which is better? We don't have internets at home yet, but will try and get some pictures off somehow. Maybe I can... [Mon 18 April 2005]

Paula Radcliffe Ew, did she stop for a poo or what? Top result on Amazon is these glass scales . Why are they... [Mon 18 April 2005]

Haircut So do we get a picture then? So of a pre- post- haircut thing you get in HEAT magazine? [Mon 18 April 2005]

Haircut So, I a bit of a trim at the weekend. Clean shaven and short modern slightly dishevelled hair... [Mon 18 April 2005]

Food & Smoking in Italy I am afraid those tourists who only find Pasta or Pizza in Italy are walking into the easy... [Sun 20 March 2005]

Video: Lejo DJ Video: Lejo DJ [Sat 19 February 2005]

Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? They thought we were americans actually, which I was most offended by. considering I will be... [Tue 25 January 2005]

Sounds like SF is going to be great for eating We've decided on a tour of San Francisco, LA, Monterrey and (I think) Santa Barbara. Should be... [Mon 24 January 2005]

"Florence was OK, they had a Mr Kebab" Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? [Mon 24 January 2005]

you wanna avoid italy then giday just returned from our xmas vacation in europe whic involved a stay in italy, and a long... [Mon 24 January 2005]

We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we even got a free bottle of wine by rea...
We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to... [Sun 23 January 2005]

Married life is suprisingly good. Anyway all that hard work will pay off on the day... one step at a time and all that.
Married life is suprisingly good. Anyway all that hard work will pay off on the day... one step... [Sun 23 January 2005]

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine isn't just for protesters anymore So says ... we've picked our honeymoon now, and it will involve a stop in San... [Sun 23 January 2005]

Hmm, not much progress since last time I have gathered up addresses of the invitees, and found someone who could provide the band I... [Fri 21 January 2005]

I find it a tad worrying that one of Craigs life options was death with his killer remaining uncaught. But its a FAB idea! I don't think I ...
I find it a tad worrying that one of Craigs life options was death with his killer remaining... [Fri 21 January 2005]

Folkestone and Stokey in the same Guardian column? The Guardian's Backbencher column today has a mention for Stoke Newington 's own 73 and the... [Fri 21 January 2005]

August 12th [Wed 12 January 2005]

Thats still a fair bit. Whens the big day again?
Thats still a fair bit. Whens the big day again? [Wed 12 January 2005]

A bit of 'ush please Nice evening out at the Cross Keys and then to the Punjab . The combo of Spitfire and curry... [Wed 12 January 2005]

I can't decide who I like more Nurse Abi or Doctor Phil! [Thu 18 November 2004]

I think he's plugging Abi Titmuss with a side order of Dr Phil for good measure.

Now Abi, she's worth plugging! Sorry.
I think he's plugging Abi Titmuss with a side order of Dr Phil for good measure. Now Abi, she's... [Thu 18 November 2004]

Stop plugging Dr Phil!! Its quite disturbing!!

Stop plugging Dr Phil!! Its quite disturbing!! [Wed 17 November 2004]

Abi Titmuss Calendar I'm still getting lots of hits here because I mentioned Abi Titmuss once. There's nothing for... [Wed 17 November 2004]

Also Gutted writes Amazing how much you miss thouse little gems of unlisenabble music, or some quartet of snotty... [Wed 27 October 2004]

I am truly gutted My music listening life will never be the same again... [Tue 26 October 2004]

RIP John Peel Heart attack in Peru . Let's have a minute's unlistenable noise, played at the wrong speed. [Tue 26 October 2004]

Some in the studio snaps Some pictures of Brett and Bernard working together on Bernard's site , apparently... maybe... [Mon 18 October 2004]

Yeah, but the same actors won't be in the movie WORD is that Mr T will have a cameo in the film... not sure about the heart attack, he had cancer... [Thu 14 October 2004]

But hang on Isn't Mr T still alive? Or did he have a heart attack? I can't remember. Foo [Thu 14 October 2004]

Oh my GOD! OK now I am excited. Really excited.....

It would be a massive Morrissey back track if they did support him however,...
Oh my GOD! OK now I am excited. Really excited..... It would be a massive Morrissey back... [Wed 13 October 2004]

It's definitely happening The reunion is definitely happening, but it might be that it's just Anderson and Butler getting... [Wed 13 October 2004]

I think John Cusack would make a FAB Murdock....
I think John Cusack would make a FAB Murdock.... [Wed 13 October 2004]

God wouldnt that be fab?!?!

Not sure about the Morrissey thing though, after what he said about Brett "He will never forgive God ...
God wouldnt that be fab?!?! Not sure about the Morrissey thing though, after what he said... [Wed 13 October 2004]

Suede reunion Article in the Indie here ... not sure how much of a Suede reunion it's going to be, I hear on... [Wed 13 October 2004]

no they are backward let face it they have only barely discovered digital mobiles Intresting that a Short Message isnt... [Wed 13 October 2004]

I pity the fool who's not looking forward to this A-Team movie on the way ... no really this time! I heard from a mate at work that Stephen J... [Tue 12 October 2004]

that is very true my friend I hadnt thought of that. But I do object to paying lots of money for something most countries... [Tue 12 October 2004]

You must remember that us British are shy, antisocial and easily embaressed. Therefor SMS is perfect for us - limited interaction, no need for a bu... You must remember that us British are shy, antisocial and easily embaressed. Therefor SMS is... [Tue 12 October 2004]

SMS and Americans I have never known a yank to use SMS. When I asked several them why, they said its cheaper to... [Mon 11 October 2004]

Google SMS Google SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to easily get precise answers to specialized... [Mon 11 October 2004]

KISS Nothing confirmed yet, just rumours they will play here next summer, and I'm sure it will be... [Tue 21 September 2004]

Whoa! Kiss? NFW? Tell me more! [Fri 17 September 2004]

I think I'm going to save my money for KISS [Fri 17 September 2004]

1030 curfew!! Jesus, bunch of lightweights. I bet they are running off the BigHands. Great bloody REM... [Fri 17 September 2004]

REM tickets They're all over Ebay , and they don't go on sale until tomorrow... Will there be any left by... [Fri 17 September 2004]

I think, but Ill have to check with my source That it is something to do with the wee. Rats dont like it, and mice dont like rat wee.... [Mon 26 July 2004]

Nice Do mice repel rats then? Or if there are mice around it means they've not been scared off by... [Mon 26 July 2004]

There is one upside to having mice It means you dont get rats. I was talking to our zoologist yesterday and he said that mice have... [Sat 24 July 2004]

broken CSS As before, it was an error on a previous line in the CSS that was causing the problem. [Tue 20 July 2004]

Lessons for the day Got to figure out why onBlur() isn't working on pulldown menus on the popEx control panel in... [Tue 20 July 2004]

My mice the sods haven't dared come back, you'll be glad to know... [Sun 18 July 2004]

Hackney Lookout Aha, found who it was who is also having mice trouble . [Sat 17 July 2004]

I'm sure there are millions of them we can hear them scurrying about. Not sure what I'd do if it happened in my Folkestone place, but... [Thu 15 July 2004]

Oh nice chest I remember something an old landlord once said, where there is one mouse there are five others... [Thu 15 July 2004]

Poor wee mouse A fright in the house yesterday, Clare found a mouse, alive this time though. Much shrieking and... [Thu 15 July 2004]

Alex Kapranos Outside the Showbox, Seattle, WA [Wed 9 June 2004]

Mandy and Ben from Hollyoaks Deansgate, Manchester [Tue 1 June 2004]

Johnny Marr In a restaurant in Manchester [Tue 25 May 2004]

Male Cast Members of Corrie Pizza Express, Devonshire Quarter, Sheffield [Sat 28 February 2004]

John Robb David Bowie, Manchester Evening News Arena [Tue 18 November 2003]

Fizz out of Coronation Street Marks and Spencer Manchester City Centre [Tue 21 October 2003]

Sir Robert Winston University of Salford, BA Festival of Science [Sat 13 September 2003]

Vini Reilly Oklahoma Cafe/Shop Manchester [Sat 26 July 2003]

members of the BBC NorthWest Team Stood by the Hulme Arch, Manchester [Wed 25 June 2003]

that ellie bird from hollyoaks on a road outside a great pub in Hale [Sat 21 June 2003]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you search here for pubbing or other places it will only return aetheria pubs / venues I was at or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more broader search Please try aetheria on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and international places...

As it turns out there are no pubs / venues regarding aetheria anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please do let me know!

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