Project: lightwaverf

This is my project page for "lightwaverf". There is a repo for this.

Install the gem with just gem install lightwaverf to get command line access to your lightwaverf wifi link.

Install the api to host your own lighwaverf api (requires the above).

Install or build the app to host yr own mobile app (requires both of the above).

Also MiHome now looks a viable alternative More on that topic here , not tried mihome from energenie myself but it looks worth a go as... [Sat 7 January 2017]

I know what I'm getting for Clare's birthday New wristband connected to your bank account gives electric shocks if you go overdrawn . It's... [Thu 19 May 2016]

Lightwaverf have finally broken things for me too Lots of people on the forum have been complaining that a firmware update from lightwaverf... [Fri 24 October 2014]

Waiting for a call back on our heating Central heating has not come on, our old engineer is not responding, so we're trying one... [Wed 15 October 2014]

Got the tests passing in the new version of my robot butler Rah been struggling for ages with the new version of my lightwaverf code , because I started to... [Mon 13 October 2014]

Time to get a carbon monoxide monitor Time to put the central heating on, and of course it's not working. Looking up our Range... [Mon 13 October 2014]

Reinstated my arduino lightwaverf tweeter It's been off for quite a while but @ourduino is now back in action. It's intercepting the remote... [Sat 11 October 2014]

Made a page for my "pi motion" repo Here , a sample version of my raspberry pi security camera setup. My code is here , it's... [Fri 10 October 2014]

Very handy thread on the alternatives to LightWaveRF Here on this forum ... I've been very loyal to lightwaverf for a long time. I've wavered a bit... [Wed 1 October 2014]

There's a lightwaverf breaking firmware update on the way Lots of talk on the lightwaverf forum about how everything has stopped working. There is an... [Mon 29 September 2014]

Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code Nice, just got a support request on the google plus from someone who's trying to use it, makes... [Sat 13 September 2014]

Is it still a memorial if you don't use your memory? We're doing the lights off thing today and lighting a candle at 10pm to commemorate the 100th... [Mon 4 August 2014]

Good range of home automation at Maplin at the moment See here , some of it looks a bit clunky and dated like the sockets you plug in to other... [Thu 31 July 2014]

Robot butler update Updated my rf butler code, that is what is intercepting all of the remote control signals and... [Sun 13 July 2014]

Thinking of getting a Spark Core next Have realised that all of the fiddling about I've done to make my robot butler start tweeting... [Sat 12 July 2014]

Hmm, has Lightwaverf died? Just browsing the forum for the first time in an age, and everyone seems to be saying the... [Tue 8 July 2014]

USB sockets Suddenly usb sockets are everywhere. Or have they been everywhere for a while and I just have... [Sun 6 July 2014]

Lots of LightwaveRF on ebay Someone is selling a whole bundle . There is always quite a lot on there but it's not usually... [Tue 22 April 2014]

Returning my Nest Thermostat I know it only claims to be a thermostat . Also now I've read more reviews I'm suspicious.... [Thu 10 April 2014]

RE: my lightwaverf energy monitor stopped working Hi Paul, Apologies for the inconvenience caused, we have remotely updated your Wi-Fi Link. If... [Mon 7 April 2014]

why changed domain name Node Zero Participant Apparently it was causing too much confusion with a 3rd party retailer... [Sun 6 April 2014]

Lightwaverf energy monitor Solved the issue with my lightwaverf energy monitor tonight - well sort of. It's them, not... [Sat 5 April 2014]

Maplin are going home automation crazy today Today's promo covers lightwaverf , wemo and lifx today, lots of great stuff there from... [Thu 3 April 2014]

Nest thermostat is available in the UK today Hmm we need a new thermostat ... this replaces the thermostat and the timer it seems. Not sure... [Wed 2 April 2014]

If you buy stuff from Vesternet I get money off! Hi I've been building my smart home with Vesternet. You should check them out Here!... [Wed 12 March 2014]

Maplin are pushing LightwaveRF today Just got an email from maplin they are promoting their range of lightwaverf home automation... [Wed 5 March 2014]

Good public speaking advice Not that I am thinking of doing any public speaking or presenting , but sometimes I have to... [Wed 15 January 2014]

Hallway lighting is giving me grief again Just hosting this picture of my dodgy diy electrics in the hope that someone will tell me what... [Sat 11 January 2014]

PiFace Control and Display Just had a good experience with , I ordered some "spacers" for my sockets (... [Wed 8 January 2014]

Socket spacers I need these , I just moved the sofa and Clare spotted that one of my new remote controlled... [Sat 4 January 2014]

It's raining for a change Man alive the weather is a shocker again today. Hope it is dry tomorrow for our planned trip to... [Fri 3 January 2014]

LightwaveRF PIR FTW! Fixed the issue with my lightwaverf pir , there was not really an issue with it, just with my... [Tue 31 December 2013]

The Wine Vaults We ended our night out of our big weekend out at The Wine Vaults on Albert Road . And it was... [Mon 30 December 2013]

Christmas winnings I got Stewart Lee tickets, loft ladder , new trousers and a lightwaverf relay, PIR , and... [Wed 25 December 2013]

Great weekend That week went fast, and that weekend went fast too. Harry and Clare had a great time at... [Tue 17 December 2013]

Couple of home automation evil genius jobs for the weekend I got some of those outdoor christmas lights from B&Q this morning. I wouldn't normally but... [Sat 14 December 2013]

Waterproof LightwaveRF enclosure This is new waterproof home automation! This is what I need... Combine this with the half price... [Fri 13 December 2013]

Home automated dinner fail I automated our dinner again this week, but it failed on me, doh! We were meant to have... [Thu 5 December 2013]

Weekend came around fast Had a busy week at work so it went really fast. I didn't have time to mention last week's DIY... [Fri 15 November 2013]

I never did mention my DIY automated blinds here I have this retrofit powered blinds controller for my automated blinds , a very nice forty... [Mon 11 November 2013]

My lightwaverf source code is not up to scratch Just got it automatically reviewed , and it fails big time. Will rework some this weekend. [Fri 25 October 2013]

All new lightwaverf products on the way (including heating) Seems there is a new distributor . How exciting, the wife, I can now foul up the central... [Thu 24 October 2013]

New home automation project on github Here using this hardware . It's lightwaverf network based control but without the wifi link . [Wed 23 October 2013]

Google spreadsheet logging of home automation Just started using this google drive api - with it I can log direct from my lightwaverf ruby... [Tue 22 October 2013]

Remote controlled solar powered shed light! For only a tenner ! This also looks good , mains solar power for 瞿45, so easy to combine that... [Tue 15 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC (again) So with a little bit of this and a little bit of that I now have my TV controlling my house -... [Mon 7 October 2013]

There's a ghost in my house Aha solved the issue of the bedroom TV power socket turning itself on and off, and it's my fault,... [Thu 3 October 2013]

Just ordered some components A 433mhz receiver and a 433mhz transmitter from . Been meaning to get... [Thu 3 October 2013]

Very strange Right now I am moving a file from the storage device on top of our book case at home onto the... [Wed 2 October 2013]

Lightwaverf socket dimmer kit down in price at Screwfix Three sockets for 25 quid, down from 37 quid... UPDATE: Been kicked off the screwfix... [Fri 20 September 2013]

I am blogging a bit more today than I have recently Mostly because I just remembered my command line blogging tool so it's nice and easy for me to... [Tue 3 September 2013]

Lightwaverf magnetic switches These magnetic switches are now available apparently - connect them up to your lightwaverf... [Mon 26 August 2013]

Robot butler automated garden watering video A quick video, more of a shaky unfocussed show off rather than a useful demo, but see me clicking... [Sun 4 August 2013]

Robot gardener are go! The hose is pointed at the tree and connected to the butt pump . The butt pump is plugged into... [Sat 3 August 2013]

Randomised timers in the lightwaverf home automation gem gem update lightwaverf or gem install lightwaverf update your calendar events and add... [Tue 30 July 2013]

Bought a new solar panel I've got one of these connected up to Harry 's ride on fire engine, and I'm hoping it will... [Sat 13 July 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem (0.5) Install or update the gem for the latest feature, which is an energy usage web page generator.... [Thu 4 July 2013]

My lightwaverf / ifttt garden sprinkler idea kicked in today! The weather report says it is going to be clear, so my recipe has set the lawn sprinkler to... [Tue 25 June 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem Get it here , version 0.4, including new super timers by Julian McLean and myself. You can now... [Sat 22 June 2013]

This makes it look like Ninja Blocks and LightwaveRF can talk to each other... This remote socket that is listed on the website seems not to be their own... [Thu 20 June 2013]

DIY electrics Clare has gone to The Ship with her dad and her brother, so instead of just sitting in... [Sat 1 June 2013]

An alternative to lightwaverf Doesn't look as good as the lightwaverf hardware but here is another rival from Belkin... [Thu 16 May 2013]

Raspberry pi control of lightwaverf (with no extra hardware)..? This sounds great , no other hardware required (except a piece of wire connected to one pin of... [Mon 8 April 2013]

LightwaveRF wifi-link is holding its value second hand! I paid less than this for my one new! The LightwaveRF Wifi-Link allows you to utilise a... [Fri 22 February 2013]

Aargh broke my SD card! I seem to spend most evenings rebuilding my raspberry pi memory card, getting "disk" errors and... [Thu 21 February 2013]

Slight rework of my lightwaverf ruby gem Been having problems with the sd card on my raspberry pi so I've ordered a new one. It's... [Fri 15 February 2013]

Lots of interesting new stuff On this blog . [Thu 14 February 2013]

I went in the Firkin Alehouse this week Had the car MOT'd during the week off and while I was waiting for it I tried to go to Beano's... [Sun 10 February 2013]

Someone's written a siri proxy plugin using my code Good work a simple plugin so they can say "lounge light on" into their iphone and siri will... [Sun 10 February 2013]

LightwaveRF PIR Hmm bought one today and it just does not work... wish I'd read this review first! It's got to... [Sat 9 February 2013]

raspberry pi back, and ruby gems back now too My raspberry pi home automation and energy monitor is now back working again, after I... [Sat 2 February 2013]

The best day of all It's pay day , the pay day of the longest month, it's very welcome indeed. I have a stack of... [Thu 31 January 2013]

Genius Oh but has been hacked. [Thu 31 January 2013]

Not as productive a day as it might have been I had a list for my day off today: ☠ doctor ☠ buy wine ☠ buy bleach ☠... [Thu 17 January 2013]

lightwaverf ruby gem home automation calendar now improved My ruby gem has just been updated, it now works with the start and end time of the calendar... [Sun 13 January 2013]

Two way hall lighting with lightwaverf Been having a spot of bother with my plans for lightwaverf lighting in my hallway, the two way... [Sun 13 January 2013]

Vesternet did me ok in the end! I got a free lightwaverf remote control in the post today, the white one that I originally... [Thu 10 January 2013]

I fixed my raspberry pi again After locking myself out of my raspberry pi the other day, I fixed it again last night. Decided... [Thu 10 January 2013]

Air freshener hack! There's just so much interesting stuff out there at the moment that I'm having trouble staying... [Mon 7 January 2013]

DIY fail Fitted more new lightwaverf light switches today, in the downstairs hallway this time. Have put... [Sun 6 January 2013]

Doh, my home automation timer just failed After all my talk of making my home smart with my own lightwaverf ruby gem , I just had a big... [Sat 5 January 2013]

Dimmable LED lights are expensive I have six GU10 downlighters in my kitchen, and EIGHT in our new downstairs room. They're 50w... [Sat 5 January 2013]

Home automation system for the BBC Micro anyone? Just found this on ebay , home automation for the bbc micro ! Listed as parts / not working... [Fri 4 January 2013]

Google calendar central heating timer I did some work on my lightwaverf home automation code last night, and got the timers working... [Fri 4 January 2013]

You can update the ruby gem at any time, you won't have to pair again or anything. You can update the ruby gem at any time, you won't have to pair again or anything. [Tue 1 January 2013]

Lightwaverf Has the gem been updated. Should I do a gem install lightwaverf again. Do I have do anything... [Tue 1 January 2013]

Solved it, I had some code that was ruby 1.9 only, fixed and pushed and everyone is happy... can you still not... Solved it, I had some code that was ruby 1.9 only, fixed and pushed and everyone is happy...... [Tue 1 January 2013]

Nice to have a guinea pig It could be I've not published the ruby gem right, I'll test some things and get back to you.... [Sun 30 December 2012]

Lots more automating today I'm certainly interested, but struggling. Hoping you can help point me in the right direction. [Sat 29 December 2012]

Lots more automating today Made some good robot butler progress, my lightwaverf api now handles dimming, querying the... [Sat 29 December 2012]

LightwaveRF Hi, I am a newbie, I am not really sure how to install your ruby module. I have installed Ruby.... [Sat 29 December 2012]

Command line home automation in ruby Oh yeah THAT is what people are crying out for! See my new work here . Well I'm enjoying it, now... [Thu 27 December 2012]

Super christmas Had lots of presents first thing, I got better than I gave this year, but mostly because we did... [Tue 25 December 2012]

15% off everything in B&Q this week Join the B&Q club and there's 15% off everything, including online at - if I get time... [Mon 17 December 2012]

LightwaveRF 1 Gang White Dimmer and On/Off Remote Kit Get yourself started with lightwaverf remote controlled lights with this LightwaveRF 1... [Thu 13 December 2012]

There's a lightwaverrf product I had not noticed before... They have a window / door sensor in their ... hmm I half knew... [Sun 9 December 2012]

We have come up with a genuinely useful use for the lightwaverf remote sockets! It's Clare's idea too, so it's very exciting for me that she's getting involved in my new hobby.... [Sun 9 December 2012]

Test Just a test that twitter authentication is working on here... It's not open to you yet,... [Fri 7 December 2012]

Got me a free remote control Complaining to vesternet did the job, very gently of course. I could not be bothered with... [Fri 7 December 2012]

LightwaveRF are taking orders direct This is good , I love the lightwaverf products I have so far, but I have not had a good... [Thu 6 December 2012]

Remote controlled sockets for a fiver from Maplin This is not as nice as the lightwaverf that I am investing in at the moment but it's CHEAP!... [Thu 29 November 2012]

Good weekend, with some sleep! number two son's been a very good boy, last night went all according to plan. He woke up for a... [Mon 26 November 2012]

Is this day seven? Things are going well here. Took Harry to nursery this morning, bleary eyed and in my slippers,... [Mon 12 November 2012]

Bought more lightwaverf today and LightwaveRF API news... [Sun 4 November 2012]

A night of good sleep, following another night of poor sleep When you're not sleeping well, all you can think about is sleep. Last night I slept great!... [Fri 5 October 2012]

Remote sockets in the UK There were none of these when I was looking previously... Now I am tempted, but now is... [Sun 23 September 2012]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly javascript, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you are Searching for for pubbing or other places you will only find lightwaverf pubs / venues I have been to or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you are interested in a more general search Please try lightwaverf on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international venues...

As it turns out there are no pubs / venues concerning lightwaverf anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Have I missed something? Please give me a shout!

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