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Iron Maiden Was on a Nixdorf training course in Hounslow, turned up too late for support band Wolfsbane, and anyway we had no tickets, but got given some by someone outside, I am sure it was Tommy Vance. Apparently we saw Jonathon King there too. Hammersmith Odeon Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9QH 020 8563 3800 [1990-10-18 1990]

Genealogy / family tree

Thomas(Tommy) Edward Barry Leslie CLARKE

IKEA hack idea [Tuesday 1 October 2013]

I got a lovely fathers day gift [Monday 17 June 2013]

My boys reading a book together [Wednesday 5 June 2013]

Landmarks [Wednesday 5 June 2013]

DIY electrics [Saturday 1 June 2013]

House swap week off [Wednesday 29 May 2013]

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Bro's before hoes [Sunday 19 May 2013]

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Oh and last night Tommy slept through! [Monday 13 May 2013]

Nice weekend, kind of lazy weekend [Monday 13 May 2013]

A good night with Tommy, then a slightly disturbed one again [Friday 10 May 2013]

Tommy was up at 4am today [Wednesday 8 May 2013]

It's time for the annual sacrifice of plants [Monday 6 May 2013]

I woke up before Tommy this morning [Thursday 2 May 2013]

Up too early again [Sunday 28 April 2013]

Swimming today [Saturday 27 April 2013]

Beautiful day today [Thursday 25 April 2013]

Up at 5am today [Thursday 18 April 2013]

Harry's hearing has gone (but is recovering) [Tuesday 16 April 2013]

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Joan Elliott RIP (slight return) [Thursday 11 April 2013]

Sleep [Wednesday 10 April 2013]

I'm frowning today [Tuesday 9 April 2013]

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We went to Maidstone in the end [Saturday 6 April 2013]

An adventure [Friday 5 April 2013]

And got my asterisk install working again [Monday 1 April 2013]

Tommy still spattered with chickenpox [Monday 1 April 2013]

Beer festival good, chickenpox bad [Sunday 31 March 2013]

Jumperoo [Tuesday 26 March 2013]

Tommy woke early, but then when back to sleep again [Friday 22 March 2013]

Sorry if Clare has sent you unexpected emails [Thursday 21 March 2013]

Here's Tommy in the door bouncer [Sunday 17 March 2013]

Just trying Tommy in the door bouncer [Thursday 14 March 2013]

More light snow and heavy frost overnight [Thursday 14 March 2013]

Had a lovely weekend [Sunday 3 March 2013]

The pool table is gone! [Wednesday 13 February 2013]

I went in the Firkin Alehouse this week [Sunday 10 February 2013]

Bits and pieces sort of day [Saturday 2 February 2013]

Vinopolis: GOOD [Sunday 27 January 2013]

Tommy slept through the night again last night (mostly) [Thursday 24 January 2013]

Funeral planned for the 4th February. [Wednesday 23 January 2013]

Tommy slept eight hours [Wednesday 23 January 2013]

Nearly went to Googies today I like the idea of frugal 'til february, a nice cheap set menu from Chambers in Folkestone! [Saturday 19 January 2013]

Not as productive a day as it might have been [Thursday 17 January 2013]

A couple of days off [Wednesday 16 January 2013]

Tommy and Harry have been exceptionally good boys today [Monday 14 January 2013]

We finally went swimming today [Sunday 13 January 2013]

Vesternet did me ok in the end! [Thursday 10 January 2013]

How to tune a guitar [Tuesday 8 January 2013]

Strange day with Tommy [Saturday 5 January 2013]

Oh and happy new year [Tuesday 1 January 2013]

How did I fail to blog this already? [Monday 31 December 2012]

Tommy is sleeping noisily right now [Saturday 29 December 2012]

I volunteered for the 4am feed again today, what was I thinking? [Friday 28 December 2012]

Command line home automation in ruby [Thursday 27 December 2012]

Super christmas [Tuesday 25 December 2012]

I made my own christmas card using gimp [Sunday 23 December 2012]

Sitting up tonight [Friday 21 December 2012]

Harry's christmas play [Wednesday 19 December 2012]

Noisy night's sleep [Wednesday 19 December 2012]

Good night's sleep! [Monday 17 December 2012]

I have put my raspberry pi online [Saturday 15 December 2012]

Mixing it up with the night time feed tonight [Saturday 15 December 2012]

Got my Pi on! [Saturday 15 December 2012]

When it says "4 years" on the box [Friday 14 December 2012]

Cold again [Wednesday 12 December 2012]

Our christmas tree is up [Tuesday 11 December 2012]

Slept for five or six hours straight yesterday! [Tuesday 11 December 2012]

They cut Tommy's tongue! [Monday 10 December 2012]

Day of hospitals [Monday 10 December 2012]

We have come up with a genuinely useful use for the lightwaverf remote sockets! [Sunday 9 December 2012]

Went to the Sandgate Hotel [Sunday 9 December 2012]

Snowed a bit again today [Friday 7 December 2012]

No snow today [Thursday 6 December 2012]

Freezing here today [Wednesday 5 December 2012]

The blog now gets a google page speed score of 96/100 [Tuesday 4 December 2012]

More sleep / less feeding last night. [Tuesday 4 December 2012]

More details on the super weekend [Monday 3 December 2012]

Tommy has put on weight [Thursday 29 November 2012]

Fine night's sleep for me [Thursday 29 November 2012]

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My family [Tuesday 13 November 2012]

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Can we fix it? Yes we can! [Saturday 10 November 2012]

modem status: ppp server down [Friday 9 November 2012]

New baby day three [Thursday 8 November 2012]

Clare less than impressed with her early valentines gift. ROCK ON TOMMY! [Tuesday 7 February 2012]

Harry up and wailing at five am today Up late getting some TV time in... [Friday 5 November 2010]

Tommy Walsh Stoke Newington [Monday 1 November 2004]

Folkestone RestauRANTS [Sunday 31 October 2004]

There's only one Tommy Walsh [Sunday 31 October 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
[Tuesday 27 July 2004] [Tuesday 28 October 2003]

`Tommy' from Trainspotting Dean Street. Soho. London. 13:30. [Monday 7 July 2003]

Clarke Family Tree [Thursday 9 January 2003]

Tommy, and the ginger one (from Space) The Monarch / Barfly [Wednesday 31 January 2001]

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