William John SAMWAYS (1891 - 1973)


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William John SAMWAYS

BORN 24 NOV 1891 Fareham, Hampshire, England

DIED ABT 1973 Southampton, Hampshire, England

William John SAMWAYS's will

family tree chart - ancestors and descendents together, might have to scroll right a bit >> leave me feedback about it.

FATHER John SAMWAYS 1848 - 1925

MOTHER Matilda GRANT 1853 - 1933

SIBLINGS: Fanny SAMWAYS - , Laura SAMWAYS - , Amy SAMWAYS - , Frederick SAMWAYS - , Matilda SAMWAYS - , Charles SAMWAYS - , Eva SAMWAYS - , Harry Samways - , Edward Samways - ??, Ruth Samways

We have 19 ancestors for William, 1 for his father John, 16 for his mother Matilda. We can go back 5 generations to Thomas Meridew - during the industrial revolution. We have 786 people in this tree with 98 different surnames, including 13 called SAMWAYS. SAMWAYS is the 8th most common name in our tree.

William is 1st cousin 3x removed to Paul Leslie CLARKE

More Samways genealogy / SAMWAYS family tree information at Clarkeology.com.

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