Clare Frances MAHON (1978 -)


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Clare Frances MAHON

BORN 27 JUL 1978 Canterbury, Kent

Previously Clare's family tree was curated separately on but is now all merged into the site.

family tree chart - ancestors and descendents together, might have to scroll right a bit >> leave me feedback about it.


MOTHER Pauline Margaret ELLIOTT 1949 - 2014



We have 21 ancestors for Clare, 11 for her father [PRIVATE], 8 for her mother Pauline. We can go back 6 generations to Joshua CLARK - ?? during the industrial revolution. For her mother we go back 4 generations to William ELLIOTT - ?? during the industrial revolution. We have 2 descendents for Clare. We have 786 people in this family tree with 98 different surnames, including 4 called MAHON.


More Mahon genealogy / MAHON tree info at

As well as the surnames and family tree structure, there's more searchable comments, which should be linked neatly to these pages, on the message board.

Clarke family tree information maintained by Bazzer, Mahon family tree information maintained by Clare. If you can provide help with our tree, or would like any more information, leave a message, or email me (Pauly) and I'll pass it on.

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