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New repo for my python lightwaverf robot butler [Tuesday 24 November 2015]

Home brew is still good [Friday 9 October 2015]

Ruby and Rugby [Sunday 4 October 2015]

Google are going to mess up my home automation next month [Friday 2 October 2015]

Raspberry pi touch official screen display only $60 [Wednesday 9 September 2015]

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Home automation on the raspberry pi in nodejs [Friday 21 August 2015]

Will Lockitron work with my door? [Friday 13 February 2015]

Laundrino (DIY smart connected washing machine) [Saturday 24 January 2015]

Ambient light connected to the TV (accidentally) [Wednesday 17 December 2014]

Lightwaverf + google calendar powered christmas lights [Tuesday 16 December 2014]

Aaargh home automation pi has stopped responding [Wednesday 12 November 2014]

Lightwaverf have finally broken things for me too [Friday 24 October 2014]

Waiting for a call back on our heating [Wednesday 15 October 2014]

Got the tests passing in the new version of my robot butler [Monday 13 October 2014]

Very handy thread on the alternatives to LightWaveRF [Wednesday 1 October 2014]

Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code [Saturday 13 September 2014]

Wowser is anyone still using X10 [Friday 12 September 2014]

New "Thread" protocol for wireless home automation [Friday 5 September 2014]

I just voice controlled the lounge lights [Wednesday 3 September 2014]

Trying out some home automation voice control [Friday 29 August 2014]

Good range of home automation at Maplin at the moment [Thursday 31 July 2014]

Works With Nest [Tuesday 24 June 2014]

Emberlight smart lighting [Thursday 8 May 2014]

Raspberry Pi compute module [Tuesday 8 April 2014]

Maplin are going home automation crazy today [Thursday 3 April 2014]

Nest thermostat is available in the UK today [Wednesday 2 April 2014]

In this article, you are going to build a weather measurement station that will automatically send data to my butt [Thursday 27 March 2014]

If you buy stuff from Vesternet I get money off! [Wednesday 12 March 2014]

Night of the arduino [Tuesday 11 February 2014]

Joy of Tech's take on Google buying Nest [Thursday 16 January 2014]

Good public speaking advice [Wednesday 15 January 2014]

Home automation just got mainstream [Monday 13 January 2014]

Step away from the computer now [Tuesday 31 December 2013]

I told Clare I needed some time for wrapping... [Tuesday 24 December 2013]

Couple of home automation evil genius jobs for the weekend [Saturday 14 December 2013]

Bitponics looks expensive [Monday 25 November 2013]

DIY cybernetics [Monday 11 November 2013]

This is amazing [Monday 11 November 2013]

I never did mention my DIY automated blinds here [Monday 11 November 2013]

Competition for the Arduino Yun [Friday 1 November 2013]

All new lightwaverf products on the way (including heating) [Thursday 24 October 2013]

New home automation project on github [Wednesday 23 October 2013]

Google spreadsheet logging of home automation [Tuesday 22 October 2013]

Got my new components today [Monday 7 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC (again) [Monday 7 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC [Saturday 5 October 2013]

Just ordered some components [Thursday 3 October 2013]

IKEA hack idea [Tuesday 1 October 2013]

Lightwaverf socket dimmer kit down in price at Screwfix [Friday 20 September 2013]

Wireless relay control with arduino [Wednesday 11 September 2013]

Lightwaverf magnetic switches [Monday 26 August 2013]

Successful holiday! [Friday 16 August 2013]

New robot butler github page [Thursday 8 August 2013]

Robot butler automated garden watering video [Sunday 4 August 2013]

Randomised timers in the lightwaverf home automation gem [Tuesday 30 July 2013]

Home automation phone app is 100% done! [Wednesday 24 July 2013]

Did more work on the phone app [Wednesday 24 July 2013]

That storm came then [Tuesday 23 July 2013]

Good weekend (hot weekend) [Monday 22 July 2013]

Ruby / Sinatra app only available to localhost [Thursday 18 July 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem (0.5) [Thursday 4 July 2013]

My lightwaverf / ifttt garden sprinkler idea kicked in today! [Tuesday 25 June 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem [Saturday 22 June 2013]

Home automation ruby gem improvements [Monday 3 June 2013]

Raspberry pi control of lightwaverf (with no extra hardware)..? [Monday 8 April 2013]

I refunded my ebay buyer [Thursday 4 April 2013]

Asterisk door opening [Tuesday 2 April 2013]

Three days of Asterisk training [Thursday 28 March 2013]

Motion detecting diy home automation security surveillance [Sunday 24 March 2013]

Practical uses for my magnetic door contact texter / tweeter [Thursday 21 March 2013]

Done more home automation tinkering today for the first time in ages [Sunday 17 March 2013]

Lots of interesting new stuff [Thursday 14 February 2013]

Someone's written a siri proxy plugin using my code [Sunday 10 February 2013]

Genius Oh but rubygems.org has been hacked. [Thursday 31 January 2013]

Something made our bedroom TV come on at 3am this morning [Tuesday 15 January 2013]

lightwaverf ruby gem home automation calendar now improved [Sunday 13 January 2013]

I fixed my raspberry pi again [Thursday 10 January 2013]

Doh, my home automation timer just failed [Saturday 5 January 2013]

Home automation system for the BBC Micro anyone? [Friday 4 January 2013]

Google calendar central heating timer [Friday 4 January 2013]

How did I fail to blog this already? [Monday 31 December 2012]

Command line home automation in ruby [Thursday 27 December 2012]

Remote controlled sockets for a fiver from Maplin [Thursday 29 November 2012]

Good weekend, with some sleep! [Monday 26 November 2012]

Is this day seven? [Monday 12 November 2012]

Bought more lightwaverf today and LightwaveRF API news... [Sunday 4 November 2012]

Remote sockets in the UK [Sunday 23 September 2012]

Most automated dorm room [Tuesday 22 May 2012]

Just saved myself a bundle of money [Monday 16 April 2012]

Now here's a nice table [Friday 2 March 2012]

Robot house update [Monday 20 February 2012]

Home of the future [Thursday 16 February 2012]

Home automation is maybe back on track [Monday 12 September 2011]

HomeEasy XPLMonkey says you can use RFXCom to automat them... [Friday 8 October 2010]

powerline / mains ethernet / homeplug thing not working and now I know why! [Monday 27 September 2010]

Remote light switch has arrived So attempting to wire that up tonight... [Friday 24 September 2010]

A weekend off DIY Boot fairs and shopping, and day dreaming about home automation. [Saturday 18 September 2010]

Should I buy these? Chucking these purchasing decisions out to the twittersphere etc... [Friday 17 September 2010]

Folkestone RestauRANTS [Sunday 31 October 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
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Gedcom.pm [Tuesday 28 October 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire, UK. [Thursday 9 January 2003]

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