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Home automation and "home automation" related stuff, including venues, pubs, gigs and posts about home automation. If you have something to offer regarding home automation that I have not covered here, please please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding local pubs or other venues, home automation home automation experiments, homebrew, ale, or appley goodness. Cheers.

This is my blog, so if you search here for pubbing or other venues it will only return home automation pubs / venues I was at or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you are interested in a more general search please try home automation on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and international places...

As it turns out there are no pubbing / venues concerning home automation anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? please let me know!

Clarke Family Tree [Thursday 9 January 2003]

Gedcom.pm [Tuesday 28 October 2003]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
[Tuesday 27 July 2004]

Folkestone RestauRANTS [Sunday 31 October 2004]

Should I buy these? Chucking these purchasing decisions out to the twittersphere etc... [Friday 17 September 2010]

A weekend off DIY Boot fairs and shopping, and day dreaming about home automation. [Saturday 18 September 2010]

Remote light switch has arrived So attempting to wire that up tonight... [Friday 24 September 2010]

powerline / mains ethernet / homeplug thing not working and now I know why! [Monday 27 September 2010]

HomeEasy XPLMonkey says you can use RFXCom to automat them... [Friday 8 October 2010]

Cold, wet feet In London today, weather is not good. [Monday 8 November 2010]

Home automation is maybe back on track [Monday 12 September 2011]

Home of the future [Thursday 16 February 2012]

Robot house update [Monday 20 February 2012]

Now here's a nice table [Friday 2 March 2012]

Just saved myself a bundle of money [Monday 16 April 2012]

Most automated dorm room [Tuesday 22 May 2012]

Remote sockets in the UK [Sunday 23 September 2012]

Bought more lightwaverf today and LightwaveRF API news... [Sunday 4 November 2012]

Is this day seven? [Monday 12 November 2012]

Good weekend, with some sleep! [Monday 26 November 2012]

Remote controlled sockets for a fiver from Maplin [Thursday 29 November 2012]

Command line home automation in ruby [Thursday 27 December 2012]

How did I fail to blog this already? [Monday 31 December 2012]

Google calendar central heating timer [Friday 4 January 2013]

Home automation system for the BBC Micro anyone? [Friday 4 January 2013]

Doh, my home automation timer just failed [Saturday 5 January 2013]

I fixed my raspberry pi again [Thursday 10 January 2013]

lightwaverf ruby gem home automation calendar now improved [Sunday 13 January 2013]

Something made our bedroom TV come on at 3am this morning [Tuesday 15 January 2013]

Genius Oh but rubygems.org has been hacked. [Thursday 31 January 2013]

Someone's written a siri proxy plugin using my code [Sunday 10 February 2013]

Lots of interesting new stuff [Thursday 14 February 2013]

Done more home automation tinkering today for the first time in ages [Sunday 17 March 2013]

Practical uses for my magnetic door contact texter / tweeter [Thursday 21 March 2013]

Motion detecting diy home automation security surveillance [Sunday 24 March 2013]

Three days of Asterisk training [Thursday 28 March 2013]

Asterisk door opening [Tuesday 2 April 2013]

I refunded my ebay buyer [Thursday 4 April 2013]

Home automation ruby gem improvements [Monday 3 June 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem [Saturday 22 June 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem (0.5) [Thursday 4 July 2013]

Ruby / Sinatra app only available to localhost [Thursday 18 July 2013]

Good weekend (hot weekend) [Monday 22 July 2013]

That storm came then [Tuesday 23 July 2013]

Did more work on the phone app [Wednesday 24 July 2013]

Home automation phone app is 100% done! [Wednesday 24 July 2013]

Randomised timers in the lightwaverf home automation gem [Tuesday 30 July 2013]

Robot butler automated garden watering video [Sunday 4 August 2013]

New robot butler github page [Thursday 8 August 2013]

Successful holiday! [Friday 16 August 2013]

Lightwaverf magnetic switches [Monday 26 August 2013]

Wireless relay control with arduino [Wednesday 11 September 2013]

Lightwaverf socket dimmer kit down in price at Screwfix [Friday 20 September 2013]

IKEA hack idea [Tuesday 1 October 2013]

Just ordered some components [Thursday 3 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC [Saturday 5 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC (again) [Monday 7 October 2013]

Got my new components today [Monday 7 October 2013]

Google spreadsheet logging of home automation [Tuesday 22 October 2013]

New home automation project on github [Wednesday 23 October 2013]

All new lightwaverf products on the way (including heating) [Thursday 24 October 2013]

Competition for the Arduino Yun [Friday 1 November 2013]

I never did mention my DIY automated blinds here [Monday 11 November 2013]

This is amazing [Monday 11 November 2013]

DIY cybernetics [Monday 11 November 2013]

Bitponics looks expensive [Monday 25 November 2013]

Couple of home automation evil genius jobs for the weekend [Saturday 14 December 2013]

I told Clare I needed some time for wrapping... [Tuesday 24 December 2013]

Step away from the computer now [Tuesday 31 December 2013]

Home automation just got mainstream [Monday 13 January 2014]

Good public speaking advice [Wednesday 15 January 2014]

Joy of Tech's take on Google buying Nest [Thursday 16 January 2014]

Night of the arduino [Tuesday 11 February 2014]

If you buy stuff from Vesternet I get money off! [Wednesday 12 March 2014]

In this article, you are going to build a weather measurement station that will automatically send data to my butt [Thursday 27 March 2014]

Nest thermostat is available in the UK today [Wednesday 2 April 2014]

Maplin are going home automation crazy today [Thursday 3 April 2014]

Raspberry Pi compute module [Tuesday 8 April 2014]

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