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Harry Cecil CLARKE 1915 - ??

Harry CLARKE 1856 - 1951

Harry J L CLARKE 1881 - ??

Harry Samways 1891 - 1969

Harry Samways 1891 - 1969

Bed arrives today And tickets for The Cure go on sale this morning, getting ready on the refresh button. Priced... [Fri 30 September 2011]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I can confirm that Jimi Hendrix played at the small club near the top of what we knew as Grace... [Sun 17 October 2010]

Don't cross me today! The boy had me up at 2.30 :-( [Tue 12 January 2010]

Snow blind! Was very bright when I went out to watch the snowskaters, but still deep #uksnow here [Fri 8 January 2010]

Day 2 of clean and healthy living already, this is easy No booze for more than 24 hours now, go me. Happy new year from the blog. [Sat 2 January 2010]

HMV on the verge of buying Channelfly I hope there is still a rival bid... show me the money! [Thu 24 December 2009]

Ate the seven bird vegan roast It was good, now I have to make another... [Wed 23 December 2009]

Up in the middle of the night, to take the boy swimming Day after my xmas party too... [Sat 19 December 2009]

That Harry Clarke / Faust went unsold Immediately relisted though... [Wed 9 December 2009]

Stop with the "Rage Against The Machine" christmas facebook campaign The same people win no matter which track you buy you mugs [Wed 9 December 2009]

If I add some cash to my winnings I can buy this signed Harry Clarke Faust, illustrated by Harry Clarke . [Sat 5 December 2009]

Habitat Radius table and chairs, starting cheap! Maybe I'll spend my premium bond win on this! [Sat 5 December 2009]

So busy it's giving me a headache and relax... out for a curry tonight, hope that helps. [Thu 3 December 2009]

John Lewis have discontinued the Bergerac range of furniture That's the biggest news of my weekend! [Sun 29 November 2009]

I do not have a new job, I am not applying for another job I was joking! [Tue 24 November 2009]

A signed Harry Clarke "Faust" Starts at over 600 quid though bit rich, but it is a signed first edition. Looks a little rough... [Tue 17 November 2009]

Margaret Crilley / Margaret Clarke As a starter though have you seen these Margaret Clarke (nee Crilley) stamps ? I don't have many... [Sun 6 September 2009]

Crilley Re: Crilley Margaret Crilley of Newry was my great grand aunt. Her brother William... [Mon 31 August 2009]

RT: @philipbeel ...an attack by zombies http://bit.ly/lJQtq Science ponders shit found in woods more like! [Tue 18 August 2009]

What a shame this picture is blurry Harry, out of focus (like his Dad) [Mon 17 August 2009]

Nice one ERNIE! 25 premium bond win! [Fri 14 August 2009]

Thanks to whoever just bought ATP World Tour tickets That's a kerchingus 20 commission in one go! [Fri 17 July 2009]

RT @darryl1974 The demolition of the Astoria in pictures: http://bit.ly/RdAuQ [Wed 15 July 2009]

Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow See you there, oh I am so looking forward to it! [Sun 5 July 2009]

That book that people keep ebaying at 400 Another copy just started at ten pounds! [Fri 3 July 2009]

Remember all those stories in the news about family tax credit being RUBBISH? I understand them now! [Fri 3 July 2009]

1930 Fairy Tales relisted AGAIN at GBP385 See it here , illustrated by Harry Clarke . Too expensive. Lordy, just realised we have not... [Tue 30 June 2009]

Good bath last night The boy not me, a bath in this weather, are you mad? [Tue 30 June 2009]

About to attempt bath #4 They've been bad, good, bad so far. the boy's baths, not mine. [Thu 25 June 2009]

Holiday has been going fast Lovely day for it, just walked along Folkestone Leas [Thu 25 June 2009]

Slumber bear has been dispatched Hope this is not hitman slang... [Sun 21 June 2009]

The boy's cord came off today I'm not meant to keep it am I? [Sat 20 June 2009]

Tallboy! Habitat Radius, East Sussex, GO! [Thu 18 June 2009]

I think he's getting better already Had a good night last night, just a particularly bad one the day before! Clare is constantly... [Tue 16 June 2009]

Yeah I knew it had to get better Saw your tip about the special dad's walk for getting him off to sleep, cheers. He is great and... [Tue 16 June 2009]

RE: Goodnight Ah, that's great news - it just takes them a little time to figure out day and night, and then to... [Tue 16 June 2009]

Goodnight No, GOOD NIGHT, an actual good night, had to wake the boy this morning! [Tue 16 June 2009]

RE: The boy not settling at all Oh dear Paul, this all sounds so familiar!! I think all newborn babies get a bit muddled between... [Tue 16 June 2009]

The boy not settling at all Bah [Mon 15 June 2009]

Blur warmup at Rough Trade East RIGHT NOW! @darryl1974 is twittering it live. I am doing dad stuff. [Mon 15 June 2009]

Another nice day with the family If anyone says they saw me in McD's, my nephews dragged me in there, OK? [Sun 14 June 2009]

Nice day with the family The boy still asleep, bet he's up all night :-( [Sat 13 June 2009]

Got a spare couple of hours to myself! Should I sleep, or computer..? [Fri 12 June 2009]

Day two. Would the boy please come to the diary room... Not a good night's sleep, ah well [Wed 10 June 2009]

Margaret Clarke stamps That's Clare's great great aunt, she's painted a stamp [Sat 30 May 2009]

We have Clarkes in Cosham at that time But it's a common name, so can't find a connection at the moment... my great great grandfather... [Tue 19 May 2009]

trying to locate Robert Clarke Hi, I am trying to track down my paternal great grandfather Robert Clarke. Because my... [Mon 18 May 2009]

Harry Clarke pool on Flickr See here . A M Thomson is preparing a list of all the Harry Clarke windows in Ireland and... [Sun 17 May 2009]

Fairy Tales now relisted at 385 See it here , still sounds pricey to me! [Tue 24 March 2009]

Who started this book at 450??? Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, from 1930 , illustrated by Harry Clarke but still! I... [Tue 24 March 2009]

The Year's At The Spring Cool 1920 poetry anthology, illustrated by Clare's famous relative [Wed 18 February 2009]

Harry Clarke on the cover of Irish Arts Review See the Harry Clarke issue , of Irish Arts Review . Nice! Someone is sending me a copy of it,... [Sat 31 January 2009]

Hmm I will have to find a way to sneak the ebay ads into the feed... Working in Dublin sounds cool, thanks for the note about that issue of Irish Arts Review , I... [Sat 31 January 2009]

RE: If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get There is no accounting for taste. Congrats on the your big news, the impending pitter patter of... [Sat 31 January 2009]

If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get Hahaha ... [Wed 28 January 2009]

RE: any link? Any link to Clarke's of South Africa and Namibia? Contact me at abeukes@unam.na Namibia Thank... [Tue 6 January 2009]

RE: any link? Des Rainey calling - des@earlymath.com - and if you are related to Deirdre Bell you will be a... [Sat 20 December 2008]

The Tales of Beedle the Bard Amazon bought this book for something like two million pounds in a charity auction. And now... [Sun 3 August 2008]

Hans Anderson first edition ... [Tue 8 July 2008]

Here's what I want for my birthday ... [Tue 8 July 2008]

RE: Good to know Ha! That's a a lot of Robbie Williams! Textbooks are always growing as a segment, so that's... [Fri 18 April 2008]

Good to know Now to pimp some [abe]Harry Clarke original artwork[/abe] or something, get my commission up.... [Wed 16 April 2008]

RE: abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site The AbeBooks.co.uk program is staying with Commission Junction for the time being, so you're good... [Tue 15 April 2008]

abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site So, am I safe to stay where I am ? [Tue 15 April 2008]

RE: ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction Hello Pauly, I will totally agree with you that change CAN be a nightmare, especially for the... [Mon 14 April 2008]

ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction Hmm, ebay recently quit Commission Junction (an affiliate company, who make it easy for small... [Tue 8 April 2008]

BBC4, they're sure to repeat it [Wed 19 March 2008]

RE: New not-comedy on BBC4 Damn, I was looking forward to that program too but I'm out tonight. I hope it's on that there On... [Wed 19 March 2008]

New not-comedy on BBC4 Looking forward to this , the first in a new series "The curse of comedy", it'll be a drama... [Tue 18 March 2008]

An elusive item for all fans of the Clarke Family This looks interesting , an invitation to a preview of a retrospective of the works of David... [Thu 3 January 2008]

So this is who I was bidding against in that last Harry Clarke auction I bought a 1931 copy of [abe]Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales[/abe] on ebay the other day for about... [Wed 19 December 2007]

A couple of modern affordable Harry Clarke books Firstly Queens , I have a copy of this book, and it's nice but slim, it's a collection of colour... [Tue 20 November 2007]

Weekend train fun Planning a little trip to Winchester tomorrow evening, to catch up with old friends and have a... [Thu 15 November 2007]

Harry Clarke / Fairy Tales first edition Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales , quite a high starting bid of $280, but it... [Thu 15 November 2007]

Wahey, thankyou! [Mon 29 October 2007]

RE: TFI The Weekend That new QI DVD is coming through Warner and I've already asked the guy doing it for one for you! [Sat 27 October 2007]

TFI The Weekend Bit of a choppy working week, but now two days respite. Which is nice. So, off to see the family... [Sat 27 October 2007]

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe Anotehr Harry Clarke illustrated book up on Ebay... [Fri 5 October 2007]

Woo won my first Harry Clarke auction A copy of Queens is winging it's way to me as we speak... Stay tuned to the new ebay links... [Thu 27 September 2007]

Harry Clarke talk at Ballyhaunis Friary Slightly short notice, there's an exhibition going on right now at Ballyhaunis Friary in County... [Fri 31 August 2007]

Hot weekend Had a good week, lots going on at work, including the aforementioned rowing trip and picnic... [Sun 5 August 2007]

Back on ebay again This copy of Anderson's Fairy Tales keeps cropping up , now listed again at only 2 quid, it... [Sat 12 May 2007]

Harry Clarke Good Housekeeping This is nice, a Harry Clarke illustration in Good Housekeeping , to accompany a feature called... [Mon 23 April 2007]

Women Voters & the Death Penalty Here's another unusual one ; Good Housekeeping volume 6 nos. 1-6; September 1924 to February... [Sun 22 April 2007]

Harry Clarke re-listing Ebay's been a bit quiet for Harry Clarke illustrated books just recently , but this one's just... [Fri 20 April 2007]

Live auction for a signed and numbered Harry Clarke Clarke (Harry) .- Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von) Faust, one of 1000 copies signed by the artist,... [Tue 17 April 2007]

Harry Clarke colour plates Not heard of this book before: HARRY CLARKE "Queens" Text by J M Synge. 8vo Mountrath: The... [Sun 21 January 2007]

Tales of mystery and imagination No family tree updates for a little while, though I'm off to investigate The Grants of... [Tue 16 January 2007]

Cheers for this update Harry Good luck with this - slicing up OAPs sounds a bit harsh though... [Wed 22 November 2006]

Black Horse @ Monks Horton This Pub has just been taken over by Harry Willett who ran The Tiger Inn at Stowting, he has... [Wed 22 November 2006]

Sorry for not replying sooner! Seen it, not so sure myself though... [Mon 20 November 2006]

RE: Charles Perrault fairy tales, in Dutch No 8 Picture from the bottom looks like harry put himself in it? [Mon 13 November 2006]

Charles Perrault fairy tales, in Dutch Illustrated by Harry Clarke , Check it out here ... Henry "Harry" Patrick Clarke... [Sun 12 November 2006]

Harry Clarke watercolours Firstly this painting of a dancing lady , bids open at $2000... It's the selling auction house... [Thu 19 October 2006]

I went to the Victoria and Albert museum Here's my picture of the window: The sign next to it does say "From the studio of Harry... [Fri 13 October 2006]

Was it you? I hope it was someone following a link from here, I earn a bit of a commission then... [Tue 10 October 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke live auction I see this went for 1616.08 [Mon 9 October 2006]

Harry Clarke at the V&A Well spotted Mum and Dad, there is a Harry Clarke at the Victoria and Albert museum :... [Thu 5 October 2006]

Harry Clarke live auction There's a "live auction" soon for a study in pencil for "Madonna of the Woods" ... credited on... [Mon 2 October 2006]

Another Harry Clarke auction Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales , with colour plates intact. Low price, but high postage. Still... [Sun 1 October 2006]

Harry Clarke auction frenzy Harry Clarke auction is kicking off, Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales , lots of bids and... [Thu 28 September 2006]

Another Harry Clarke on Ebay This signed copy of Faust just went for $600 - copies do go for thousands on ABE . I didn't... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Original Harry Clarke artwork I was just browsing ABE Books for Harry Clarke , as I knew they had some signed first editions... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Harry Clarke print Here's another little tinker selling A rare Harry Clarke print - looks like actually a page cut... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Yep, I'm going to be in trouble Jim wanted it when I told him about it, I said hold on and see what it goes for and we'll know... [Tue 25 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay I see the book went for 67 [Tue 25 July 2006]

Bidding's started on Faust Faust, illustrated by Harry Clarke , a first edition I think from 1925. I love the pictures on... [Tue 18 July 2006]

I don't want it now, I can't afford it I went a bit mad pushing the price up for fun, and now I might get stuck with it, gah... As you... [Tue 18 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay Don't go mad bidding right now as there are 5 days to go, you will only push the price up. When I... [Tue 18 July 2006]

Harry Clarke on Ebay Just searching on a whim and I found this Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales , illustrated by Harry... [Mon 17 July 2006]

What bands did you see there Bruce, anyone good? [Sat 19 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history Wasn't Tofts nearly opposite the old Gasworks on Bournemouth Rd just west of the Scew(sp?) Arches... [Fri 18 November 2005]

This is great, I don't suppose you have any memorabilia from that time do you? Photos, posters, ticket stubs, anything like that? I'd love to know when some of those bands... [Tue 8 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history When I used to go to Tofts in 1968/69, it was on Grace Hill. It had a coffee bar but served no... [Tue 8 November 2005]

Joshua Joseph CLARK Re: Joshua Joseph CLARK We have made a documentary on the life of Harry Clarke, it fatures his... [Fri 5 August 2005]

New Bluggcast There's a new Bluggcast , I listened on the way in today. Still a bit squeamish about the funny... [Fri 3 June 2005]

I did know that Only because it came up in a pub quiz a couple of months back; Clare knew it, I talked her out... [Tue 31 May 2005]

BTW did you know that "Dirty Old Town" was about Salford. learnt that in a bar called "Maggie o'Brien's when we were in Spain BTW did you know that "Dirty Old Town" was about Salford. learnt that in a bar called "Maggie... [Tue 31 May 2005]

Headline? ...The Irish Rover? *ouch* [Tue 31 May 2005]

Damn I had a really good headline in mind for this SO, went to Ireland at the weekend, and it was very nice! Here will follow my little review of... [Tue 31 May 2005]

Not very likely Matt Not very likely Matt [Tue 8 February 2005]

Harry Clarke My father, grandfather and great grandfather are all named William Harry Clarke. They originate... [Tue 8 February 2005]

harry clarke i live in birmingham age 45, my father william henry clarke was known as harry. [Thu 18 November 2004]

Hi fellow Clarke,
We are not looking for Harry Clarke.I know who mine are Our Harry was born 1856 in Cosham, was a Brewer then a dairy farmer....
Hi fellow Clarke, We are not looking for Harry Clarke.I know who mine are Our Harry was born 1856... [Wed 10 November 2004]

A different Harry Clarke We have three Harry Clarkes , but I don't think this is any of them. This Harry Clarke we have... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Harry Clarke What is the date of birth of the harry you are looking for? There is a Harry Clarke from... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Harry ELLIOTT RE: HARRY ELLIOTT From David Chesters (davidnigel2004@yahoo.co.uk) Harry Elliott 's parents... [Thu 30 September 2004]

Hi Jim,
Not one of ours, sorry.
Hi Jim, Not one of ours, sorry. Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Harry Cosbey Clarke Do you have any record of my grandfather HARRY COSBEY CLARKE of England? Best Regards Jim Clarke [Tue 27 July 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history IT WAS THE SUNDOWNER CLUB MY DAD WAS THE BOUNCER BACK IN THE DAY.. [Fri 26 March 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I think the name of the club on Grace Hill was the Sundowner Club . [Sun 21 March 2004]

RE: John WINDEBANK Hi Jackie, It is frustrating when you find the same names as yours on other peoples websites.It... [Fri 27 February 2004]

John WINDEBANK hi my name is mrs jackie walder and I live in kent I am trying to trace my late husband'a tree... [Fri 27 February 2004]

Cheers for that! There's a lot of confusion surrounding Tofts , I think I have it covered though - after the... [Mon 23 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history My mum used to go out with Noel Redding way back in the 60's so I can confirm that Hendrix... [Mon 23 February 2004]

Good work fact man! Don't worry about that Vic and Bob thing, we'll catch the repeats now I think... cheers though. [Fri 20 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history irrelevant fact: The New Cross Venue used to be called The Harp Club . [Thu 19 February 2004]

Updated Folkestone gig history From someone on mr gig : Toft's Jazz Club was just down the hill from the Harp Club .... [Thu 19 February 2004]

RE: Ancestors Hi Keith, Most of our "old" Clarke's were born in Cosham , Widley . Our Charles was a son of... [Wed 11 February 2004]

Ancestors Hello, My name is Keith Morgan and I live in Melbourne Aust. My Great grandfather was a Charles... [Wed 11 February 2004]

RE: Clarke family Ireland I am trying to trace the ancestry of my grandfather, Samuel Boyd Clarke, born April 22 1882 in N.... [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: William HALL Hi Peter, Our Jane Emma Hall was b1859 in Emsworth Hants. Her father was William Hall and he... [Thu 22 January 2004]

I think Dad tried to reply and something went wrong It's best if you email him, baz@nme.com It sounds to me that there could be some connection in... [Thu 22 January 2004]

William HALL hi, My great grandparents were a william hall and jane hall who lived in west tisted... [Sat 17 January 2004]

RE: any link? [Sun 11 January 2004]

Clarke family Ireland There's a lot more Irish Clarke's on Clare's family tree pages, including famed artist Harry... [Tue 30 December 2003]

RE: any link? Hi James, Although the Clarke name does have Irish / Scottish origins we don't have, apart... [Wed 5 November 2003]

I noticed someone searching for Clarke and Rainey the other day it showed up on the logs as they clicked on one of these pages, was it yoU? [Wed 5 November 2003]

Mahon Family Tree Mahon Family Tree here... A work in progress. See Clare Mahon , the artist Harry Clarke , or... [Wed 29 October 2003]

any link? hi my name is James Clarke, i live Carrickfergus , Northern Ireland. I was wondering am I... [Sat 25 October 2003]

Harry Enfield Primrose Hill [Fri 4 July 2003]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

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