Charles Valentine CLARKE (1883 - 1912)


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Charles Valentine CLARKE

BORN 14 FEB 1883 Cosham, Widley, Hants (St Valentine's Day) (source: Birth Certificate)

BAPTISED 1 APR 1883 St Peter & Paul Wymering (CHU15/1B/2)

DIED 15 APR 1912 RMS Titanic

BURIED Uknown lost at sea

Charles perished in the Titanic disaster of 1912. His body (if recovered,) was never identfied. Some bodies were lost at sea in the sinking, some were recovered and brought to America. A lot of bodies

Charles Valentine CLARKE's will

family tree chart - ancestors and descendents together, might have to scroll right a bit >> leave me feedback about it.

FATHER Harry CLARKE 1856 - 1951

MOTHER Jane Emma HALL 1859 - 1918


SIBLINGS: Harry CLARKE - ??, Edith CLARKE - ??, George CLARKE -

We have 51 ancestors for Charles, 47 for his father Harry, 2 for his mother Jane. We can go back 14 generations to Edward Chrysnes - during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 786 people in this tree with 98 different surnames; 50 called CLARKE. CLARKE is the 2nd most common name in our tree.

Charles is 1st cousin twice removed to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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Clarke tree information curated by Bazzer, Mahon tree information maintained by Clare. If you can give help with our tree, or would like any more information, leave a message, or email me (Pauly) and I'll sort it out.

Don't forget we have the last name Clarke and Clark in Paul's tree and Clarkes (and Clarks) in The wife's tree too. The wife's great-grandmothers maiden name was Clarke. There is no connection that we can find so far, no Clare and I were not related before we were married... Clarke is a very common name so good luck if you are also tracing yr Clarke family tree...

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