Henry Patrick Clarke (1887 - 1931)


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Henry Patrick Clarke

BORN 17 MAR 1887 33 North Frederick Street, Dublin

DIED 6 JAN 1931 Coire, Switzerland (Tuberculosis)

Born Henry Patrick Clarke. Educated Belvedere College and Dublin Metropolitan School of Art.

Harry Clarke was born on March 17th, 1889 in North Frederick Street, Dublin, where his father Joshuahad a decorating and stained glass business. While still at school with the Jesuits in Belvedere, Clarke showed promise in drawing and art and was described as a reserved and sensitive boy. He was apprenticed in 1905 for five years to his father's business while attending schools of art in Dublin and London for periods in between. By 1914, he had studied, exhibited, won a travelling studentship, and travelled to Paris and Chartres. His first stained glass commission was for the windows of the Honan chapel in University College Cork, which was completed in 1917. Between 1917 and his early death in 1931, in spite of ill health, he carried out over forty commissions for churches in Ireland, Great Britain and elsewhere. One of his most famous works is the Geneva Window, commissioned by the state for the International Labour Building of the United Nations.

Henry Patrick Clarke's will

FATHER Joshua Joseph CLARK 1859 - 1921

MOTHER Bridget MACGONAGLE 1860 - 1903

SPOUSE Margaret Crilley -

SIBLINGS: Fanny CLARK - , Kathleen CLARK - , Walter CLARKE - , Florence CLARK -

We have 6 ancestors for Henry, 4 for his father Joshua, 0 for his mother Bridget. We can go back 3 generations to Joshua CLARK - during the industrial revolution. We have 4 descendents for Henry. We have 761 people in this tree with 94 different surnames, including 49 called Clarke. Clarke is the most common name in our tree.

Henry is 1st cousin 3x removed to Clare Frances MAHON

More Clarke genealogy / Clarke family tree information at Clarkeology.com.

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Don't forget we have the surname Clarke (and Clarks) in Paul's tree and Clarkes (and Clarks) in Clare's tree too. Clare's great grandmothers original name was Clarke. There is no link that we can find so far, no we were not related before we were wed... It is a jolly common name so good luck if you are also tracing your Clarke tree...

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