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Signed Harry Clarke book for sale Book about him signed by the authors. Not my Harry Clarke, but Clare's artist great grand-uncle. [Tuesday 29 March 2011]

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Harry Clarke's farm not the farm toys our Harry has, but Purbrook farm in 1897 [Wednesday 5 January 2011]

Makes sense, good luck tracking down the Burke family [Friday 29 October 2010]

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Gillian Coles is the church warden. Her email is The names were recorded in 1970 that is the ones that could be read... [Monday 25 July 2005]

Clarke Family [Monday 25 July 2005]

Hi Barbara,
I don't think we are connected but you never know. I have not traced all my Clarke's yet. You were lucky to see a headstone of you...
[Sunday 24 July 2005]

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None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
[Tuesday 27 July 2004]

Mahon Family Tree [Wednesday 29 October 2003] [Tuesday 28 October 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire, UK. [Thursday 9 January 2003]

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