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Clare Frances MAHON 1978 -

I know what I'm getting for Clare's birthday New wristband connected to your bank account gives electric shocks if you go overdrawn . It's... [Thu 19 May 2016]

Farting in France's general direction Hmm Kosso says: You're in Folkstone aren't you? Get down... [Thu 24 July 2014]

A note on events, much later I genuinely wrote carnage on the underground meaning "oh, I was given some bad information and... [Sun 7 July 2013]

I got a lovely fathers day gift The picture of the boys that Clare took of them reading together, that I posted here but on... [Mon 17 June 2013]

Just stumbled across this post about The Goose, Brixton again It's been renamed a few times since then and is now " The Rest Is Noise "... [Tue 21 December 2010]

Nothing to say today I'll try though... [Thu 24 June 2010]

How strange to compare this Wagamama review with today I never have Yasai Katsu Curry any more, though I used to eat it all the time in London. Maybe... [Sat 20 September 2008]

Has anyone seen Clare? [flickr][/flickr] And I assumed she... [Sat 2 August 2008]

RE: Thanks for clearing that up! She wasn't actually working at the time. Unfortunately I know who it was and some background on... [Sun 11 May 2008]

spattered? bit tasteless, no? [Sat 10 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! I agree, darkmoonsider. I think it is inappropriate to 'feel sorry for' someone who has committed... [Sat 10 May 2008]

I'm sorry I only have rumour and speculation to share We'll see if there's anything more concrete any more detail in this week's local papers, which... [Wed 7 May 2008]

ha, well you are WRONG! It's something interesting that happened locally, none of my business really, but (in the suicide... [Wed 7 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! I Am from Folkestone but live in Dublin at the moment and I heard friday morning about what had... [Wed 7 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! I agree with Claire on this one. While I agree with idea of blogging events, I fail to see why... [Wed 7 May 2008]

Thanks for clearing that up! Another STRANGE "fact" I heard from someone at work was that the lady in question jumped after... [Tue 6 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! Yes she did! She actually came off of the Asda carpark and i certainly won't forget5 coming face... [Tue 6 May 2008]

Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! Yoinks, yesterday someone chucked themselves off the roof of [gmap]Bouverie Square in... [Sun 4 May 2008]

And we're half way through the week already! Well I am, don't know about you, I've got Thursday off too. Quiet and lonely night in tonight,... [Tue 18 March 2008]

Weekend! Curry! Spazzy twitches! Everything! Great weekend, bailed out of work slightly early and got the train to Mum and Dad's, for a nice... [Tue 12 February 2008]

Yes I got it, keep looking on the torrents It took FOREVER. It's not that great quality and probably not as funny as you remember, but as... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: Roundup Did you ever get Asylum? I really want it!! [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: Graveyard - Bradstone Road? hi havent got any pics tryin to find out more ourselvs, do u have any info? we live oppersit and... [Fri 4 January 2008]

Stuff I want! This bookcase and this sideboard , good starting prices on ebay , sure to go up to about 3/4... [Tue 6 November 2007]

his foot did come up off the ground but he must have been as near as damnit to touching the line, which is enough for it not to be a... [Mon 22 October 2007]

Bah ! That was clearly a try, his knee was still in when the ball went over the line. The video ref had... [Mon 22 October 2007]

What rugby? You forgot to bless the boot didn't you... A good game anyway, and we did well to get to the... [Sun 21 October 2007]

I know I do! We don't have and can't fit a proper aerial, so it doesn't seem worth trying to plug one into the... [Wed 17 October 2007]

RE: Rugby, RESULT You need a PVR. I have been watching Saturday Kitchen on days that are not Saturday for a long... [Wed 17 October 2007]

I'd calmed down, but now I'm seething again! There was another show on, when Nigella was off air, a "how to make simple Indian food" type... [Tue 16 October 2007]

RE: Rugby, RESULT Bloody Nigella! I watched her for the first time the other week and I too wanted to kick the TV... [Tue 16 October 2007]

Rugby, RESULT What a great game and result on Saturday! we started off as usual with a trip to Canterbury ,... [Tue 16 October 2007]

Frank Skinner last night Quite a good gig last night, Frank was funny and rude, and likeable because of his self... [Sat 29 September 2007]

A pirate themed work day would be great But alas no, it's not one of our fun days , it's an international holiday ... That picture was... [Wed 19 September 2007]

RE: Yarr! Do you ever do any work!!!!!!!! [Wed 19 September 2007]

RE: Yarr! Arrrghhh. Excuse me, is Keira Knightley about? Arrrrrrrrrghhhhh. [Wed 19 September 2007]

Yarr! It be bein' International Talk Like A Pirate Day today land lubberss, don't ye be forgettin'! [Wed 19 September 2007]

Weekend good What I done on my weekend [Mon 17 September 2007]

There was me worried about embarrassing myself... We have a couple of vacancies on the programming team at work, all the applicants have been given... [Thu 13 September 2007]

Children of Men is OK It's a bit grim, but interesting, and I love to see English locations in films, even if they're... [Tue 4 September 2007]

RE: Ouch! Is Children of Men any good? I wanted to watch it the other night but got out voted due to the... [Tue 4 September 2007]

Oh yes, I just noticed an enormous traffic spike RSS for dummies! [Mon 3 September 2007]

RE: Ouch! ha! Oddly I saw this post appear in the latest podcasts bit on the front of pesky!... [Mon 3 September 2007]

Ouch! Bit my lip this morning eating my breakfast in a hurry, drew blood and everything, and also the... [Mon 3 September 2007]

Sharon McClaren That's brilliant [Fri 31 August 2007]

RE: Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone Hi there - Yes - we're coming to Folkestone - and currently looking for great people. My name is... [Fri 31 August 2007]

Back to the weekend I knew I'd written a few things this morning and forgotten to hit the send button, but didn't... [Tue 21 August 2007]

It was mentioned in the Folkestone Herald this week Pick one of those up, I think there's a phone number in there, Starbucks are looking for fifteen... [Fri 17 August 2007]

Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone I hear that the new Starbucks is opening in bouverie place in folkestone. I was wondering if... [Fri 17 August 2007]

Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday? Just in from work too late, this Habitat Radius tallboy that I was after just went, for 360... [Fri 15 June 2007]

Clare, I told you! You'd better go and buy another card now... [Wed 30 May 2007]

RE: Long weekend SIXTY [Wed 30 May 2007]

Long weekend Been away a long time (apart from my little post this morning about wireless things ) and we... [Tue 29 May 2007]

Have you seen Clare's family anyway..? ONLY JOKING! I see you are updating records, and so am I! So, I will stop now. [Fri 1 December 2006]

RE: How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? When your babies are born with horns and tails you will know! Pops [Fri 1 December 2006]

How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? [Fri 1 December 2006]

RE: Clarks and Clarkes I have found that my father (R L Clarke) 's baptisim was recorded in the Church register as... [Fri 1 December 2006]

Monday morning roundup I'd heard of this before, but didn't know the reason why some councils are refusing to recycle... [Mon 27 November 2006]

RE: Spamalot I'd have got my pic taken with Vegas, his drinking exploits make him one of my heros. Back from... [Thu 16 November 2006]

Spamalot Spamalot was quite good, not brilliant, best bit for me was seeing Tim Curry in the lead... [Tue 14 November 2006]

There's a nice run of pubs right by Whitehall I'll look up the names of them, there's four in a row that we went in one day, when we were... [Sun 5 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights My flat has subsidence which scares the hell out of me - although the survey said it was ok for... [Sun 5 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights Cheers, good to know for the future. Good luck to you too for Monday! [Sat 4 November 2006]

RE: Damp and other delights We've a basement (we call it a 'wine cellar.') When we moved in over the summer, there was a... [Fri 3 November 2006]

Damp and other delights This spell of cold weather has made the whole house SWEAT! I've hd to put our central heating on... [Fri 3 November 2006]

Roundup Interview yesterday was good, but it's a small company and I'm still after more money than they... [Fri 6 October 2006]

I found this mention on another site: From rootsweb guestbook : Mary Wall Date 30 March 2002 Thanks to the... [Mon 18 September 2006]

Graveyard - Bradstone Road? I've heard rumours that behind the big walled area in Bradstone Road, next to the tyre place, is... [Sun 17 September 2006]

RE: Who tickets Did you mean: embiggening Oh like that's a word... [Fri 18 August 2006]

Who tickets Tickets for The Who , at the Roundhouse, Camden , 29th October, doing some sort of rock opera... [Wed 16 August 2006]

Aye Thank you for Popex Pauly. The game wouldn't have been the same without your steadfastly balanced... [Tue 8 August 2006]

Bluddy Grate better than pineapple. And then some. All the best, Pauly. I'm crap at reading blogs so hope... [Mon 7 August 2006]

RE: My last things And didn't you create something that was BLUDDY GRATE. Well done, cariad, and all the best for... [Mon 7 August 2006]

My last things My last day at this job started with my last delayed train on the way in to this job, fifteen... [Mon 7 August 2006]

RE: To do list Good luck with the interview. I showed my husband your CV but I don't think he has had a look at... [Fri 4 August 2006]

Dad? Did I leave myself logged in on your computer? Click here to log out ... [Fri 4 August 2006]

RE: To do list Get a haircut and shave before interview ! [Fri 4 August 2006]

To do list 1. Get job 2. Get a new ringtone I woke everyone up on the train today with an embarrassing... [Fri 4 August 2006]

No I don't I have one that is turned off at the moment, that's pointed from my place East across Folkestone,... [Mon 5 June 2006]

Yeah clock is ticking though That's already two months gone of my twelve months notice... [Mon 5 June 2006]

I have seen it now What on earth is going on? I will post more on this... [Mon 5 June 2006]

RE: Day of new technology i live in folkestone too,ok place i suppose..... do you know of any webcam sites of folkestone??... [Sun 4 June 2006]

RE: Day of new technology Good news on the offers, especially so soon. If you get one you like then can you leave Barfly... [Sun 4 June 2006]

Last Episodes of Lost Don't watch it - they all wake up in the shower together and it was all a bad dream. [Sun 4 June 2006]

Day of new technology Still no joy from the little computer , so not seen the last episodes of Lost yet. Connected... [Thu 1 June 2006]

Welcome to Miami! Or, rather, from Miami , or even (by the time I write this up) hello from England, Miami sends... [Tue 30 May 2006]

Weekend, in reverse order Hmm, from an email from Doctor Neil : Then went to look at the boat, the boat is OK, though the... [Mon 8 May 2006]

Yes, and Clare's cat since she was ten years old He died overnight and we buried him today. Apart from that, we've had a great weekend, planting... [Sun 7 May 2006]

RE: So farewell then Paddy Cat Was that Clare's mum's cat? [Sun 7 May 2006]

So farewell then Paddy Cat Paddy You were a nice cat. [Sun 7 May 2006]

Squirrel plants super walnut tree A lovely gardening story , not that much squirrel content actually. Now onto the weekend... [Tue 2 May 2006]

All mine all mine James Herbertesque sort of weather today, very foggy at home, and all the way into London...... [Mon 24 April 2006]

I think I've liked all the French films I've seen All three of them... I'm going to perk my French up a bit so I can watch more. [Wed 19 April 2006]

That's the one Maybe it's more of a boys film then? There is a remake of it, where the lead guy seems to have... [Wed 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend that's the one where he does a loop on a scooter right? yeah that's an ace film! [Wed 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend I liked Taxi too, saw it last Christmas along with its imaginatively titled sequel Taxi 2. A bit... [Tue 18 April 2006]

The rest of the weekend Far too much eating and drinking the rest of the weekend too, it's almost good to be back at... [Tue 18 April 2006]

Spicy Cabbage Soup Recipe I'm not dieting or anything but I thought I'd follow this super no fat diet recipe . I added in... [Mon 3 April 2006]

Chops! Started the weekend with a super rarity, drinks in Farringdon . Been trying to meet up with a... [Sun 2 April 2006]

She's about as Irish as I am Clare 's a Mahon, her dad is Irish, he's got the accent and everything. His great uncle is... [Tue 21 March 2006]

RE: Weekend of sports I didn't know Clare was Irish? Muddy [Mon 20 March 2006]

Weekend of sports The Rugby was great, made for quite a long and tiring day, but a fabulous experience being there... [Mon 20 March 2006]

trackback [Fri 17 March 2006]

It's a sensible idea to backup DVDs, in case your machine eats them [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: The whole thing makes no sense no i dont do the rental thing as i...errrr....tend to get things other ways.....although if i was... [Tue 14 March 2006]

The whole thing makes no sense I think they're saying that normally if there's a problem with your disk then you'd tick the... [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: So, super weekend errrrrrrr wot do they mean "You are *not* required to report this issue via the website or on the... [Tue 14 March 2006]

So, super weekend After my little Down Street excursion, we had a great weekend. Technically it was extended by... [Mon 13 March 2006]

Still no Cure tickets More went on sale just now for the Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Albert Hall, but they must... [Tue 14 February 2006]

Lots of new things! [Tue 7 February 2006]

Don't know if you saw it on popbitch Bottoms has reopened, I think it's a gay bar now though. [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: Cheers for chipping in The last time I went it was a weird hotel bar/restaurant thing - this was years ago and I've... [Fri 20 January 2006]

Cheers for chipping in Yes we went to the Clarendon again this weekend, just briefly though. There were rumours of it... [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: Clarendon Inn hello pauly, the clarendon is one of the best Folkestone/environs pubs. In my youth c. 1992-1994... [Thu 19 January 2006]

Clare Teal Award winning Jazz vocalist Clare Teal is coming to the Leas Cliff Hall . [Mon 5 December 2005]

I have a dream No not a good dream at all, I dreamt that I sold Clare 's engagement ring, not just for less... [Thu 1 December 2005]

Wagamama review Had lunch at Wagamama in Canterbury on Saturday, for the first time since this new branch... [Tue 30 August 2005]

Bothered! [Sat 23 July 2005]

You laughed at Catherine Tate? Philistine! You laughed at Catherine Tate? Philistine! [Fri 22 July 2005]

Another night in Didn't have serious problems getting home yesterday in the end, Central Line was running OK and... [Fri 22 July 2005]

Carnage on the underground Well hopefully no actual bloodshed, but there's been chaos on the way in this morning... Got to... [Thu 7 July 2005]

RE: Clarendon Inn tried to have lunch there this (May) bank holiday. Despite getting there 5 minutes before the... [Wed 4 May 2005]

RE: Joan PENTONY Allan Contact me at for info on Pentony's Regards Ian P [Sat 30 April 2005]

RE: Yeah I know No, I've not left you. I've been reading. You know, "books". It's like the internet, only without... [Wed 20 April 2005]

Clare's bro sent me that picture he made the Jeff Goldblum link - he lives in Florida though and the heat must be making his brain... [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: The wrong carriage! Hahaha, I couldn't have thought of a better comparison than Bill Bailey myself. Not convinced by... [Wed 20 April 2005]

Yeah I know without the beard I looked like Andy from Little Britain... Hey, come back to popex, you've... [Wed 20 April 2005]

RE: The wrong carriage! looking good. You look like Bill Bailey in that "old haircut" picture. xxx [Tue 19 April 2005]

The wrong carriage! We're starting to get into a proper Reggie Perrin routine in the mornings now, saying the same... [Tue 19 April 2005]

Easter Beaster: Monday Yesterday (Monday) saw a proper day out for me - went to see QUEEN at Brixton Academy , with... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Sunday Sunday, more cleaning and packing, another trip to Fresh and Wild for lunch, and then perhaps... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Saturday Saturday was proper cleaning and packing day though we started it with a long walk down Stoke... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter beaster A lot to write about, had a huge great easter weekend and really managed to fit quite a lot in.... [Tue 29 March 2005]

The Game (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Game (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Sun 20 February 2005]

First image on the Web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia First image on the Web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Sun 20 February 2005]

Bill Gates and other communists - Richard Stallman Bill Gates and other communists - Richard Stallman [Thu 17 February 2005]

i must revisit some's a bit difficult without a carmobile of my own. weird boulders and... [Tue 15 February 2005]

The sea defences have been much improved in the last year It's to stop erosion rather than big waves, but there are big boulders and groynes (I think... [Tue 15 February 2005]

but sandgate is best in the winter when very windy and tide is high and the road gets closed off and... [Mon 14 February 2005]

Sandgate Sandgate 's a nice suburb of Folkestone , my experience of it is just one road, running along... [Mon 14 February 2005]

The first rule about job club Google blogger sacked , don't talk about work kids... Great weekend with a visit to Folkestone... [Mon 14 February 2005]

Main Page - Wikipedia Main Page - Wikipedia [Wed 9 February 2005]

No weekend plans Working from home again yesterday worked out well I think, though no actual results to show so... [Fri 28 January 2005]

Clarendon Inn Glad we made the effort to visit this place, after reading about it in More Tales from the Tap... [Mon 24 January 2005]

Some mates of mine went and were planning to start their night in Stockwell's famous Irish boozer, The Swan, at five - I daren't ring to check to s... Some mates of mine went and were planning to start their night in Stockwell's famous Irish... [Wed 22 December 2004]

The Pogues - alright Went to see The Pogues last night at Brixton Academy , and they were alright... was a nice... [Wed 22 December 2004]

2 x DARKNESS WEMBLEY TICKETS 4 SALE Yo yo yo, I have 2 wembley tickets for the sat 11th gig for sale.... they are on Ebay but if they... [Sun 5 December 2004]

I have two spare for The Darkness at Brixton too! Leave a message. [Mon 15 November 2004]

4 Darkness tickets for Brixton (23rd November) I have 4 spares for the Darkness at Brixton on 23rd November - will sell in pairs if that suits... [Mon 15 November 2004]

Darkness Brixton spare tickets Got 2 spares tickets for Brixton on the 23/11 if you want them be quick mail me at... [Mon 15 November 2004]

Folkestone RestauRANTS Our impartial guide to the restaurants in Folkestone , such that they are... [Sun 31 October 2004]

Splish Splash! Boozetastic weekender in Folkestone , starting off with a shock drink in London ! I rarely go... [Mon 11 October 2004]

Don't forget to give us the number!!!
Don't forget to give us the number!!! Pops [Sat 9 October 2004]

Blogshares Had forgotten about this one, cheers MuddyFunkster ... bit like popex , but trading in blogs... [Wed 6 October 2004]

It looks nice from the top deck of the bus but it's not fun to walk. Excellent work, what do you think was in Rik Mayall's satchel ? A... [Thu 9 September 2004]

The Kingsland Road scares me. But glad you're enjoying the journey all the same. The Kingsland Road scares me. But glad you're enjoying the journey all the same. [Thu 9 September 2004]

Tonight tonight tonight, la la la la la la tonight Tonight is the Fighting Cocks gig, and I am starting to think it might lead to TROUBLE...... [Fri 3 September 2004]

Joan Pentony is from Clare's family tree Joan Pentony is Clare's grandmother (aka Joan Elliott ), there's a link to this message board... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Cheers! Ha, no the inside is immaculate it's all brand new, don't know why there are no shots of the... [Wed 28 July 2004]

HappY BirthDay HAppy Birthday, You twO Is this a LandMark One this year? or are you both just old? Nice Challet... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Hi Allan,
No Pentony's in our line.
Hi Allan, No Pentony's in our line. Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
None that I am aware of at this moment in time. Regards, Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Clare's not keen and neither am I We've had other people's weddings the last two years on the 27th, so our birthdays got totally... [Tue 27 July 2004]

happy birthday! Happy birthday to the both of you - do I sense an appropriate day for a wedding here? [Tue 27 July 2004]

The Bungalow The bungalow in Fareham that family members have been renovating for about a year is finally... [Tue 27 July 2004]

Joan PENTONY I'm looking for information on a Pentony family of Rathnally, Meath. John, born about 1820, went... [Fri 23 July 2004]

Clare has a relative called Maime Mahon I think Here's Maime Mahon , part of the Mahon family tree ... [Thu 22 July 2004]

Maime MAHON [Thu 22 July 2004]

Clare Short Tothill Street [Wed 7 July 2004]

Digging for pie On a quest for PIE, Clare is frightened of the amount of shrooms in this mushroom and ale... [Sun 4 July 2004]

Best Before Records Got to hurriedly do some work for Best Before Records , as this domain is going to be going out... [Fri 2 July 2004]

Not much going on today Very quiet in the office today, and no plans ot go out tonight, it's recovery day. Mark 's... [Fri 18 June 2004]

Cookie [Tue 15 June 2004]

A Kentish Wedding Clare has found the fearsome sounding , which apparently is good... [Tue 25 May 2004]

storage for the ipod if you want somewhere to store tunes you could get a removeable drive as well... [Fri 21 May 2004]

What I done on my holidays Well, that was the holiday then. A fantastic 168 hour long boozy lunch, we didn't do much more... [Mon 17 May 2004]

RE: Homeowner Congratulations mate! Enjoy the boozy weekend! [Fri 30 April 2004]

dont worry it should be fine...and also, as it was your solicitor's should be able to sue him... [Fri 30 April 2004]

Not yet I'm withholding some cash until that's done, ont he advice of the solicitor. That share of the... [Fri 30 April 2004]

i doubt it they're probably discussing what shade of pink to do the flat in! so has the share of the... [Fri 30 April 2004]

Homeowner Woo, it really is just about all over, we're completed on the flat now, Clare 's mum has... [Fri 30 April 2004]

Wikipedia A wiki encyclopedia, free to use and to update, it's ace. [Fri 23 April 2004]

Pet Shop Boys pictures Here's about the clearest picture I took of Neil Tennant at the Barfly that night...... [Wed 21 April 2004]

DayPop Just checking , and while wondering what all these mentions of hot abercrombie chick are all... [Mon 19 April 2004]

Folkestone property update No news on the flat , and no news on Clare 's brothers house in Hythe (though we had a sneaky... [Mon 12 April 2004]

Updates of the day Got the David Devant single today, there's a review up here , get tickets for their Dingwalls... [Thu 8 April 2004]

London Fleadh Fleadh launch was a nice opportunity for a free drink,though there was very little announce that... [Tue 6 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Well, Dahling "Pauly" is trying to get blood out of a stonewall. His ~ preziosa energia~ would... [Sun 4 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Bah, rubbish. Pauly just wants a nice flat, the way HE wants it. He also feels it was presented... [Sat 3 April 2004]

RE: Carpetted Just mental masturbations, mon cher ' Pauly' . That's all. I understand this is THERAPY for you... [Sat 3 April 2004]

Carpetted Things were shit yesterday, I met with some of the other freeholders, they were mostly nice, but... [Fri 2 April 2004]

Estate Agent Update The estate agent phoned about the flat , saying he's spoken to the freeholders, they'll amend... [Wed 31 March 2004]

Memepool Fifty grand's worth of comic here , all scanned in, thanks to for that link,... [Sat 27 March 2004]

Nic P Some fairly horrible pics from last night at the acely named I Am The Only Running Footman and... [Wed 24 March 2004]

Bandwidth bother II And then this site goes down, for doing 6.5 gigabytes of data transfer so far this month, so now... [Wed 24 March 2004]

Pet Shop Boys review Was a bit squiffy, don't remember much of it, first we went to the Lock Tavern, then we went into... [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review no Pet Shop Boys review? For shame! [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review Must have been standing right next to you - was also next to their parents last night! [Mon 8 March 2004]

Darkness Music Passport review If you are Clare 's brother and you're still smarting that we went to The Cure on Friday, then... [Mon 8 March 2004]

BOO! Didn't win any of the staff draws for tickets for the music passport shows... can only hold out... [Mon 23 February 2004]

My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket , the favourites of Dave Grohl and also Clare 's brother, are playing the... [Thu 5 February 2004]

RE: Progress on the flat Cool looking Flat mate - pleased to hear that you are back on form with your pool..may have to... [Sun 1 February 2004]

Progress on the flat Got some paperwork back from the solicitor, including a plan of the street and a plan of the... [Sat 31 January 2004]

The Pet Shop Boys Have decided, to use one of my entries for the Music Passport gig draw on a chance of seeing... [Sat 31 January 2004]

The Cure Passport Gig Clare is going to insist on my using all my competition entries on this one gig... will... [Fri 30 January 2004]

The Darkness Passport Gig The Darkness play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Not sure whether to use up one... [Fri 30 January 2004]

I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show at <... I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Ash Passport Gig Ash play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Ash have done warm up type shows at... [Fri 30 January 2004]

David Gray Passport Gig David Gray plays a music passport show at Barfly London today... no interest in going to... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Music Passport I've just been offered a possible a lifeline for the music passport gigs - each member of staff... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Bar 98 Last night saw us drinking in the Rochester Castle (very busy, and not just with tramps and... [Sun 25 January 2004]

You knows it! Safe, Goldie Lookin' Chain are supporting The Darkness in Folkestone and Portsmouth and... [Thu 22 January 2004]

RE: Darkness Tickets i really need two tickets for either the gig in portsmouth or the gig in folkestone, if anyone... [Sat 10 January 2004]

Futureheads It was The Futureheads who were ace. [Sat 3 January 2004]

Too easy Today's Metro says George W Bush attempted to calm fears of a BSE epidemic by saying he is... [Tue 30 December 2003]

IPOD Crash Seem to have bummed my IPOD , by loading too much into the "notes" folder, possibly too many... [Sun 28 December 2003]

Stoke Newington Crime Browsing some of the gorier things people have been searching for on this site, I found a link to... [Wed 24 December 2003]

RE: Fair Play Trophy you did WHAT??? [Tue 16 December 2003]

Neal's Yard Salad Bar Went to Covent Garden in the end, and got the rest of the shopping sorted, and got some nice hot... [Mon 15 December 2003]

Bluewater + Drinking Going to Bluewater today (definitely not Lakeside , ever again) and also meeting Richy for... [Sun 14 December 2003]

Fair Play Trophy Went to the BBC last night to do BACKING VOCALS for my friend Mark 's session thing for Steve... [Fri 12 December 2003]

Things to buy Gremlins [Wed 3 December 2003]

Is this a virus? Spotted a few of these in the logs, seems to be someone legitimately requesting a page, and then... [Wed 3 December 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Do you still have spare tickets, please email me at [Mon 1 December 2003]

Clare's Graduation Went well, got some good pictures I hope. There was no celebrity honorary degree, I was hoping... [Sat 15 November 2003]

Darkness review read my review of The Darkness Carling Homecoming here ... very good. [Wed 12 November 2003]

The day of the gig XFM might still be giving away tickets for the Darkness Carling Homecoming today, listen... [Tue 11 November 2003]

Darkness @ London Astoria The Darkness are playing a Carling Homecoming gig at the Astoria, possibly win tickets at... [Tue 11 November 2003]

Did you win? I got a pass for the Darkness homecoming show at the Astoria !! [Fri 7 November 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Darkness - Brixton 6th Dec. Looking for one or two tickets please contact [Thu 6 November 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets please please has anyone got any tickets too either b'ham or manchester??!!?? im in desperate... [Wed 5 November 2003]

New Darkness gig announced Carling homecoming at the Astoria, November 11th ! tickets here [Wed 29 October 2003]

Mahon Family Tree Mahon Family Tree here... A work in progress. See Clare Mahon , the artist Harry Clarke , or... [Wed 29 October 2003] I used Paul Johnson's to process the output of... [Tue 28 October 2003]

N16 Mag only seems to be updated monthly with copy from the mag at the moment, but they're... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Darkness @ Hammersmith Odeon They ROCKED. Not as hard as they usually do, hardly surprising as Justin's been ill, but still... [Wed 22 October 2003]

The Darkness The band seem to have recently updated their official site , they have a new forum system in... [Wed 22 October 2003]

A good day Man it's cold today,not the best day to be queued up outside Hammersmith Apollo for a couple of... [Tue 21 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets ... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Darkness cancellations The Darkness have been forced to cancel their gigs in Folkestone (this evening, Monday 20... [Mon 20 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets WANTED 3 tickets needed for Hammersmith OR Brixton.Contact Stu at [Thu 16 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I would really like at least 2 tickets to n e gig in the uk, 3 tickets would be great. plz e-mail... [Wed 15 October 2003]

Darkness Cancelled! There's a rumour going around that tonigh's show at Leas Cliff Hall might be off, because... [Mon 13 October 2003]

Keep the faith A knight in shining armour came to my rescue today with a ticket for Hammersmith, SMART! Still... [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets need u.e.a ticket. please help [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets i would like just one ticket for the darkness at the leas cliff hall, Folkestone. ill pay up too... [Fri 10 October 2003]

RE: We want darkness tickets NOW!!!!!! desperately seeking 2 darkness tickets for 8th of December @ birmingham accademy!!!!!!! Please... [Thu 9 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I have 4 tickets... how much do you want to pay? [Wed 8 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I have 4 tickets... how much do you want to pay? [Wed 8 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Am after tickets for Bournemouth gig, at least 2 but up to 4 would be a life saver... [Tue 7 October 2003]

the darness in brum does any1 have any tix 4 the darness in birmingham??? i desperately need 2+!!! will pay lots of... [Mon 6 October 2003]

Science Museum Again Went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Science Museum at last, and it's... [Sun 5 October 2003]

ah there's an extra 2600 went on sale good luck! [Sat 4 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Don't suppose anyone has got two tickets for Brixton for either the friday or the saturday???... [Sat 4 October 2003]

Darkness Manchester tickets More Manchester tickes here , will probably be all sold by the time you read this though...... [Thu 2 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets ... [Wed 1 October 2003]

Darkness are at Brixton Academy tonight too There seem to have been plenty of tickets for that going around. [Tue 30 September 2003]

Clarks and Clarkes Reassuring to see that THAT Harry Clarke comes from Clark stock, his father Joshua Clarke... [Mon 22 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I'm looking for two tickets for the Cardiff Uni gig - anyone help? [Thu 18 September 2003]

There's one here for Bournemouth: only 5.50, with 10 hours to go ... [Wed 17 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Hi Has anyone got tickets to Norwich, 13th oct. I need two....i cant even find them on ebay.... [Wed 17 September 2003]

Added some more Clarkes Not our Clarkes though, this is Harry Clarke , the artist, he's a great grand uncle of Clare's. [Tue 16 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Really want 2 tickets for Bournemouth! Please help!!! [Mon 15 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Really need 3 tickets for the folkestone leas cliff hall gig. e-mail me at [Fri 12 September 2003]

really need a ticket for Hammersmith Really need a ticket for The Darkness at Hammersmith Odeon, please leave details here if you have... [Fri 12 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets please,please if any one has tickets for the darkness at bristol academy please email me... [Wed 10 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets i would like to buy any tickets to the plymouth gig if anyone has any they want to sell i would... [Wed 10 September 2003]

Darkness Tickets, buy or sell! If you've hit this page looking for tickets, or you have tickets that you'd like to sell, please... [Tue 9 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Darkness tickets for Cardiff Uni here [Mon 8 September 2003]

Darkness Tickets 2003 As you are no doubt aware, all dates for The Darkness ' tour of the UK in October are now SOLD... [Thu 4 September 2003]

Shepway Festival and Air Show The air show was fantastic, I've not seen a Harrier Jumpjet before, it was spooky to see it... [Sun 31 August 2003]

REM tickets going for a hundred pounds a go or so... [Sun 11 May 2003]

Speaking of choices got to see what REM tickets are going for on... [Sun 11 May 2003]

One band was good can't remember the name though, three piece from Newcastle, and is no use...... [Sun 11 May 2003]

Staying In vs Going Out Just contemplating whether to go out and drink beer some sort of BEAR themed evening with chum... [Sat 10 May 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire,... [Thu 9 January 2003]

The main bloke and the girl Dingwalls, at the Spearmint gig [Thu 12 October 2000]

Sean Bean Kentish Town Forum [Thu 12 October 2000]

Suede @ Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall Suede played Leas Cliff Hall this day in history... Clare was at it, I'm sure she has some... [Tue 4 February 1997]

Clare born Lover ! Born on the same day as me , but 6 years apart... [Thu 27 July 1978]

Paul Clarke's - I work and live in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly js, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

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