Gigography of Paul Clarke for 1990

Gigography 1990

Getting there with my gigography now, a list of every gig I've been to, from 1987 up to about now. It's a natural progression from my Best Gigs Ever post. Well that's the theory, but there's A LOT missing. I have chucked in details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, and a box of old concert tickets and things from Mum and Dad's loft. Also got a bundle of gaps regarding bands seen at festivals, they'll probably stay missing, it's so hard to remember. there's a stack missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME and Popex years and that. Yeah I know it's a bit nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun remembering these things. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned in the tickets now...

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Love / Hate

The Marquee 105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT

Plus my first time (of many) of seeing [Atom Seed](/wiki/#atom/seed). Happy new year! Pretty sure we slept at Waterloo station after this gig and got

Mon Dec 31 1990


Eastpoint Centre Bursledon Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 8BR

We went to see the support band [Senseless Things](/wiki/#senseless/things). Got in free by selling t-shirts and I had a free [Is It Too

Sun Dec 23 1990


All Saints Community School All Saints Church of England Primary School, St. Catherine's Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 0PS

plus a local band whose tape I bought, can't remember their name but they had a song called [Bergerac](/wiki/#bergerac) about police brutality. [this

Sat Nov 24 1990

Iron Maiden

Hammersmith Odeon Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9QH

Was on a [Nixdorf](/wiki/#nixdorf) training course in [Hounslow](/wiki/#hounslow), turned up too late for support band [Wolfsbane](/wiki/#wolfsbane),

Thu Oct 18 1990


ULU Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Was on for two days. Instead of getting a hotel overnight we went to all night cinema at [The Scala](/wiki/#scala) (when it was still a cinema) and

Sun Sep 23 1990

Iron Maiden

Mayflower Theatre Commercial Road, Southampton, SO15 1GE

Snuck in, and got thrown out again before the gig started. Went home, having not seen the

Thu Sep 20 1990

Big Top Frenzy

Portsmouth Guildhall Portsmouth

Festival in Guildhall Square, [Firework Party](/wiki/#firework/party), [The Rubber Bishops](/wiki/#rubber/bishops) ([Bill Bailey](/wiki/#bill/bailey)

Thu Aug 02 1990


First time they visited WITHOUT [Nirvana](/wiki/#nirvana) in tow, just my

Wed Jun 13 1990

Under Neath What

Astoria 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN

+ [Chunk](/wiki/#chunk) + [We Are Going To Eat You](/wiki/#we/are/going/to/eat/you). I was in the queue for this gig and bought a fanzine off

Fri May 11 1990

Sean Hughes

The Wedgewood Rooms 147b Albert Rd, Southsea, Hampshire PO4 0JW

No idea of the date of this but possibly this year. [Mark Lamarr](/wiki/#mark/lamarr) supported, maybe the fiirst thing I went to at this

Mon Jan 01 1990