Tales of mystery and imagination


Tales of mystery and imagination

No family tree updates for a little while, though I'm off to investigate The Grants of Winterbourne Stoke again in case I missed anything before, one of my great great great grandfathers is there. In the mean time, here's a smashing super rare copy of a book illustrated by Harry Clarke:

Harrap, 1919. SIGNED LIMITED EDITION, one of only 170 deluxe copies on handmade paper. Numbered and signed by Harry Clarke. Full vellum binding with gilt lettering and vignette to upper cover. Top edge gilt and others untrimmed. Poe's magical tales are accompanied by 24 full page black and white illustrations, which are stunning. He uses large areas of black and intricate lines which have a strong effect. A near fine example of this stunning book, many pages unopened. This deluxe edition was originally published at 5 guineas. The Christmas Bookman of 1919 announced the book at the top of their seasonal list of gift books.

That's the wife's relative Harry Clarke.
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Harry Clarke colour plates

Not heard of this book before:



Text by J M Synge. 8vo Mountrath: The Dolmen Press 1986

FIRST EDITION. 9 colour plates & 1 text photo. Plain blue cloth with gilt lettering.15pp

Colour reproductions of 9 stained glass panels completed in 1917. Advertising leaflet loosely tipped in. MINT COPY. Since few of us will ever have the chance to own an original Clarke Stained Glass panel, we can but dream, this is the next best thing.
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