RE: The Cure review - 993

RE: The Cure review - 993

Hi Would just like to say in response to the review i've just read by "Pauly" that it was an absolutely amazing gig to which i will probably never be so fortunate to attend anything of similar size again. I WAS THE SO CALLED WEIRD GIRL WHO PRETENDED TO FAINT. ONLY a complete utter imbecile would have not been able to see that i was NOT faking anything as I AM NOT THAT SAD!!!!!!!!! Which obviously this utter numbskull is for thinking such a thing especially knowing how hot it was in there themselves! I was glad after the show that the audience hadn't contained any idiots that often manage to spoil cure shows for a few unfortunate individuals, but obviously i was mistaken, as there was at least one. Not even gutsy enough to say their unfounded whinings to my face. As for being attention seeking then i think your review has drawn more attention to you than i did on the night. WHO'S PORL???!.... Er, DIME BAR, as a TRUE CURE FAN you'd know he was. So as a handy hint PAL, get ALL your facts straight before attempting to scrawl a review!!!!!

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Mon Mar 08 2004

Paul Clarke


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