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Magic darts

Turned on the final of the Lakeside World Championship last night while we were having tea (Sunday, so chilli), and nearly turned it right off again as it looked like a bit of an embarrassing white washing, Martin Adams bein six sets to nill up against Phil Nixon. What a game though, glad we stayed watching. Good that Adams won after so long missing out ont he top title, but an amazing comeback to six all by Nixon. Now he's a contender, he'll have to get himself a better nickname than just "Nixy"...

The darts, and the following Three Musketeers that we also watched topped off a fairly fullsome weekend. Friday I was working again, and followed that with a rare night out in Gordon's with my Ushers, much heated debate did pass. I was not so diverted as to miss my train home though, made the nine, which was good as we had an early morning planned for the next day.

For christmas, we mostly asked for vouchers so we could buy some more furniture from John Lewis. We've needed a TV stand for a while, been making do with an old kitchen cupboard since we moved in, which is nearly three years now. We considered mounting the TV on the wall for ages, but it seems a bit too much disruption, so we thought we'd get the TV table to match our other furniture. Instead of heading to our nearest John Lewis at Bluewater, it's just as quick to go into London, so we did that and made a day of it.

Despite having settled on the TV cabinet about a year ago, within a few minutes of being in the shop we'd completely changed our minds, decided to spend twice as much money and buy this:


Seeing it on it's own, in stark contrast to the sleek lines of this web page (*ahem*), it's a bit farmhouse kitchen really, but in the flesh it looks good, and feels nice, and the storage will be handier, and the telly will go nicely on top of it. It will be a shame to have to brutally cut a whole in the back so as to stuff it with DVD players and the like, but HEY, it will nice nice to have everything tidied away... Eight to ten weeks for delivery unfortunately, but then I'll be BACK with real pictures, changing history, and denying we ever lived like this.


As well as the shopping, we headed back up to Stokey, to have lunch at our old favourite Il Bacio with Emma, and we also popped in our old local The Defoe and round to Emma's smashing new flat in a converted church.

It made a nice change to go into London at the weekend, and not have to race around going to work etc, we might do it again soon.

Saturday night we went down to the Harbour (the part of Folkestone) and went in The Harbour (the pub) and The Ship, both had really good live music on.

Rest of Sunday; shopping, visiting, housework, watching telly, and you're back at the start of this post.

Malice Box Quest is also actually live today, you can answer questions and start building up points towards the prize winning end game...
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RE: Magic darts

i am delighted to say that i am joint top with 999 points. ok, it wasnt that hard, but i'm guessing it's going to get much harder!
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I think I would be joint top too

if I wasn't barred from playing :-(

Good luck though!
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