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Charles Perrault fairy tales, in Dutch

Illustrated by Harry Clarke, Check it out here...
Henry "Harry" Patrick Clarke (1889-1931), born in Dublin, began his work life first at an architect's office and then as an apprentice at his father's stained glass art firm. He studied art at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art. During this period his stained glass work was awarded several gold medals in competition. His drawings started to receive attention in 1913 with publication in the Irish Review which was followed quickly with commission for two books that were never published (in one case due to a fire at the publishers). From this point forward, Clarke worked on both book and magazine and stained glass commissions. As a book illustrator, he was a follower of Aubrey Beardsley, with a similar interest in sinister themes, decadence, and Art Nouveau (and later Art Deco) and he used elongated figures like Kay Nielsen and elaborate decoration. Although he only completed about ten major books before his untimely death, several of these received the lavish gift-book treatment, started with the books of Dulac and Rackham, being issued as large, elaborate books in trade and de luxe editions. He is perhaps best known, as an illustrator, for his editions of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, and his Faust, but all his major books are now quite sought after. At the same time, he also had achieved significant fame as a stained glass artist, with commissions in Ireland, England, Scotland, and the USA. He also worked in fabric, including experimenting with batik after meeting Jessie King. He was elected to the Royal Irish Academy around 1922.
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RE: Charles Perrault fairy tales, in Dutch

No 8 Picture from the bottom looks like harry put himself in it?
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Sorry for not replying sooner!

Seen it, not so sure myself though...
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