Updated Folkestone gig history


Updated Folkestone gig history

From someone on mr gig:

Toft's Jazz Club was just down the hill from the Harp Club. Stand outside the harp, turn left (looking at the roundabout). Cross the road to the library, turn left and walk down past the roundabout. Its a big building on the left. Was Tom Brown's, is now houses / offices or something?


Seems Fleetwood Mac also played Folkestone at some point, and The Manics really did play the Metronome:

I can 100% confirm FACT that Suede did support Kingmaker at the Metronome and that the Manics did play there on a Sunday night - I was there. PJ Harvey also played at the Metronome and the Comedy Club saw appearances from Jo Brand and Harry Hill.
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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

Wasn't Tofts nearly opposite the old Gasworks on Bournemouth Rd just west of the Scew(sp?) Arches and the junction with Broadmead Rd. (the Gasworks was on the corner of Ship St and Bournemouth as I recall)

You had to go up some stairs to get to the club it was fairly small as I remember.

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What bands did you see there Bruce, anyone good?

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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

When I used to go to Tofts in 1968/69, it was on Grace Hill. It had a coffee bar but served no alcohol. Every Friday there was a 'disco' which cost 2s 6d and a group on Saturdays which cost 5s or 7s 6d or sometimes 10s.

People who played there included Fleetwood Mac, Canned Heat The Peddlers, Georgie Fame. Geno washington and The Ram Jam Band were regulars on New Years Eve.
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This is great, I don't suppose you have any memorabilia from that time do you?

Photos, posters, ticket stubs, anything like that? I'd love to know when some of those bands played there, there's very little written down...
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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

My mum used to go out with Noel Redding way back in the 60's so I can confirm that Hendrix played in Folkestone, but not in Tofts as everybody guesses she says vaguely that it was a social club on Grace Hill, but I quote "Don't ask me the name it was the bloody sixties".

Personally I was at the "Dead or Alive" Leas gig where "slam dancing" offically started according to the press (well it got into the Sun so it must be true).

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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

I can confirm that Jimi Hendrix played at the small club near the top of what we knew as Grace Hill, but I believe is Dover Road. I recall a co-worker telling me I should have gone because Jimi was playing the guitar with his teeth.
The club was upstairs, but I don't recall what shops it was over.
I used to go there often when The Sundowners used to play there.
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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

I think the name of the club on Grace Hill was the Sundowner Club.
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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

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Cheers for that!

There's a lot of confusion surrounding Tofts, I think I have it covered though - after the original Tofts was demolished in the early 60's, "The Tofts", ie Mr and Mrs Toft who ran it moved to new premises... and people still called the new venue (Hillside Social Club on Grace Hill I think) "Tofts" too...

Thanks for your input anyway... when was the Dead or Alive gig?
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RE: Updated Folkestone gig history

irrelevant fact: The New Cross Venue used to be called The Harp Club.
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Good work fact man!

Don't worry about that Vic and Bob thing, we'll catch the repeats now I think... cheers though.
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