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It's been a week

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Time to mention the bus again, the 106 is back on track, not being diverted via Stoke Newington Church Street and so on, got me into work a bit too quick today... further investigations into Folkestone Metronome reveal that Zodiac Mindwarp and Wolfsbane played there in their time, don't know dates yet though... More discussion and details at

Unfortunately missed the new Vic Reeves series last night to watch new Friends and the BAFTAs, which made me want to see Master and Commander. Also missed all new Jonathon Creek while on our romantic pub crawl, but FRET NOT, it's out on DVD box set now...

Still on the subject of telly I caught a bit of Back To Reality, featuring old reality TV starring types. Is the joke of this series the fact that while they're all originall from unscripted reality TV shows, this one is entirely scripted? It doesn't seem to make any sense otherwise.
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I've got a video of Catterick if you want it (it's a BBC preview copy in 16:9 though, so it'll look dreadful unless you've got a widescreen TV).

It was crap, though, so you didn't miss much.
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Can you save it?

Meet up soon? Cheers! All our TV looks squished up, our TV is very square.
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