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Harry Clarke on Ebay

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Just searching on a whim and I found this Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales, illustrated by Harry Clarke. This is Harry Clarke who is Clare's great grand uncle, no blood relation to we Clarkes, but now part of my family. The book must have just been put on today, and was at 12.50, every bid of mine up to 35 quid was beaten by some automatic bidding, who knows what this book will reach... It's not clear if it's a first edition, but to have any book with Harry Clarke illustrations would be fabulous.

See Harry Clarke on Wikipedia or search this site for more or check out my Harry Clarke photos, or leave a message about Harry Clarke.

While I'm here, you can see a clip of "Harry Clarke: Darkness in Light" here, that's the documentary that was made about him a few years ago. Seems like a schools / educational film. When will there be a real film about his life? Johnny Depp ought to star in it...

Hmm, bidding's gone over fifty quid, how high can it go? Search for more Harry Clarke, I'm going to make that a permanent link in the side bar... OOF, this guy's cutting illustrations out of books, that's gotta hurt...
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Another Harry Clarke on Ebay

This signed copy of Faust just went for $600 - copies do go for thousands on ABE.

I didn't mention it as I was thinking of bidding on it, but it got a bit rich for me.
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RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay

I see the book went for 67
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Yep, I'm going to be in trouble

Jim wanted it when I told him about it, I said hold on and see what it goes for and we'll know what sort of amount we should bid next time... he'd have paid more than that, we might have got it. I did mean to check in again but I forgot.

There's one in America currently at forty dollars, might keep an eye on that one and get Kevin to bring it over, save on the postage... There's another newer reprint here, but the illustrations are all in black and white, I would want an old colour one.
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Bidding's started on Faust

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Faust, illustrated by Harry Clarke, a first edition I think from 1925. I love the pictures on this one.

Faust. illustrated by Harry Clarke. Translated by Bayard Taylor. DE LUXE EDITION. All illustrations are complete, and in excellent condition. Though there is no publication date indicated, this edition is generally understood to have been issued around 1925. The copyright page indicates that the book was "Published in the United States of America by J.J. Little & Ives Company, New York." . The 252 pages are uncut rough edged.(Not even one rip)

hotlinked image hotlinked image
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RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay

Don't go mad bidding right now as there are 5 days to go, you will only push the price up. When I bid for the wedding invite' (CV Clarke) the automatic bids come in at the last second.
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I don't want it now, I can't afford it

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I went a bit mad pushing the price up for fun, and now I might get stuck with it, gah... As you say I'm sure there will be more bids at the end, surprising there were any bids before me actually.

UPDATE: praise be I've been outbid, I couldn't really afford it. I might duck back in at the end of the week if I'm feeling flush. Now I know I've not got it, I want it again. I might just search again later, that was the first time I'd looked for any Harry Clarke.
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