RE: stellastarr* - 812

RE: stellastarr* - 812

Yeah, I went to this gig. I've seen Stellastarr in every London gig and that was definately there best performance. The 22s RULED in some places, and were noisy OK in others, but all round, pretty impressive. The Ordinary Boys should have (and probably were) ashamed to be there. Representing English music via the medium of cockney rock, vomit inducing shte that was so bad, dull, boring and plain ordinary I wanted to get to stage and chin the bowl headed cunt for merely playing that ear polluting crp in the same building as Stellastarr. They should have personally apoligied to every single Stellastarr fan for making any of us listen to such utter, rotten, stale music before disbanding and never touching another instrument again. I actually hate them for bringing down the whole night, humiliating us all for being English and actually producing such terrible music, which is only launched off the back of some Libertines movement, which in itself is disgusting. The Ordinary Boys should shut up and take their "gritty" cockney music scene with them. It's not wanted, apart from some half witted NME journos who wouldn't know good music if it slapped them in the face because their too busy hanging onto the coatails of other people's fame. It's a shame Stellastarr*, or their fans had to endure the 35 minutes of travesty.

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Wed Jan 28 2004

Paul Clarke


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