I should start making use of the facilities


I should start making use of the facilities

New albums this week from Pixies, My Vitriol, Lowfinger and Turin Brakes...

There's a huge NOBO board near my desk with album and single release dates on it, so here are this week's releases! All these were out yesterday:

Pixies - The Complete B Sides. 19 tracks of B-sides from officially the best and most influential band ever, and two of CD video, all at a budget price. You can hear snippets of them all by following those links. Hey, I just remembered I had a dream about Kurt Cobain last night.

Fine Lines by My Vitriol - the debut album from these neo-grunge teen favourites.

Who's Got The Biscuit by Lowfinger - Anyone heard this?

The Optimist by Turin Brakes - Fresh from their Brats gigs, and this one's released on VINYL, nice. It's available on CD too.

Good morning everyone...
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