Persecute away Sony, persecute away...


Persecute away Sony, persecute away...

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Sony send me free stuff!

Hey, hassle those MP3 thieves as much as you like, if your massive profits are going towards sending out stuff like this "Corrosion" double CD...

"Including QOTSA, Creed, One Minute Silence, Rage Against The Machine, Korn and many more" it says here, aiming it at one kind of audience, though I'm not sure what... that's not really "Nu Metal" is it?

How they fail to mention on the cover that it also contains some classic tracks from Anthrax ("Bring The Noise" - the collaboration that INVENTED Nu Metal), The Manics, and THE PIXIES is beyond me.

For the rest of the day I will mostly have my head down, and my index and baby fingers high in the air...
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