Drinking Action TONITE!


Drinking Action TONITE!

Bull and Gate
Fortuna Pop Christmas Party 15th Dec
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A Christmas Party at the Bull and Gate

Fortuna Pop are having a party tonight at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, to promote their new A Christmas Gift from Fortuna POP! EP.

It features The Action Time, fresh from their 8 / 10 in the NME (incorporating Melody Maker. Soon), Airport Girl, Saloon, and The Pines, who are all playing live tonight, and also Aislers Set, Comet Gain, The Chemistry Experiment and The Butterflies of Love. Metro gave the EP 4 stars and said "It's a gem... not a tacky note in sight. Magic".

There are sure to be crackers and other festive shenanigans, a special guest (alledgedly) and also DJs from Track and Field until 1 am! In the morning!

Let's get ready to GET REALLY QUITE SQUIFFY!
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