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See The Bluetones for free, thanks to XFM...

Bluetones, Elastica and Asian Dub Foundation are among acts doing sessions for XFM soon, and you can see them live FOR FREE!

The Bluetones sesh will be recorded and broadcast on Monday, mail me if you want tickets. It's at 7pm, at Sound (ex Sound Republic) in Leicester Square, London, I'll email you back Monday morning if you were lucky...

Elastica, Asian Dub Foundation, and Eels are among those still to be confirmed... Tune in to XFM (you can get it on the interweb) for details. Unless you're still pissed off with them for selling out to Capital and sacking Ricky Gervais of course...
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FREE GIGS, courtesy of the wireless... See The Bluetones for free, thanks to XFM... [Friday 5 May 2000]

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