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Pete Doherty

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Camden, Jamestown Road

I was sitting in the beer garden of the Oxford arms? on Saturday at 18.56pm when Pete walked passed wearing a black trilby, camel coat, jeans, and carrying a brown case while blowing his nose.
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RE: Pete Doherty

hey pete do wat u want, fuc em, its your life
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RE: Pete Doherty

hey u are lucky i wish i could meet him i would tell him to sort himself out though! we all still love him, well the origional people who knew him, but he needs to sort it out, it seem that he doesnt give ashit about his fans anymore.
its upsetting
ps. bhut ur lucky that u got to see him
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RE: Pete Doherty

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RE: Pete Doherty

Ths is peter, nice you saw me. I'll be back there today, visiting nan...i can tell you this oz i trust're the internet. why was i only 6/10...people are cruel. love peter kissy kssy

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RE: Pete Doherty

whaaa...peter how come you dont email me anymore??

i still love you pete...a;though i told my boyfriend i didnt cos i was jealous he got to see you on monday @ kok...bah!

mwah xxxxx Lauren
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RE: Pete Doherty

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RE: Pete Doherty

pete mate u really blown it. I think u want too get nicked so u keep ur 'celebrity habit'. I been stopped in my car about 15 times always carrying white or brown and only got one conviction for possesion of crack (plenty of others though) but seriously if ur not in the tabloids for getting nicked ur no longer tabloid fodder, and Id say good thing too, that woman fucked ur career and gave u a vacuous tabloid habit which u could do without; its more damaging too u and ur integrity than any other habit
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rated 10/10 here

I hope you and Kate work things out, you're pretty together...
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HI pete

you make my heart melt
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do u think we are all grains of sand
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Ah bless

It makes my heart melt when people use this site... do you think Pete will come back? I'm not so sure, I think he's got bigger fish to fry these days.

Hey, Justin Hawkins posted on here once too you know.
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