Sir or Madam, (#618)


Squirrel vs Magpie

Just about got the sites back up by the end of yesterday, this has unfortunately meant rushing through the new design
barfly (see it here), which doesn't quite work, which has led to a lot of complaints, ah well, needs must or something. This will also mean rushing through the new admin system, which will mean a lot of support calls I suspect.

Went to On The Rocks last night, very good, not very London though, it is like a midweek provincial rock club. Two bands were on Renegade Playboys who were a bit posh, but still 4-real, and sounded a bit like the Spin Doctors, if that's not damning them. Second band Tokyo Dragons were better. It was all a bit funny, but good to see, there is not enough earnest rock any more in the mainstream any more. With the rush of the site fixes yesterday, I didn't have time to mention Turbonegro, I am so glad I went, they were ace. Very odd crowd though, big and un-pop, like all crowds were in the late 80's / early 90's before indie and pop merged and girls started going to gigs again.

Saw a squirrel squaring up to a Magpie as I was bussing past Clissold Park this morning. It's all still sealed off with tape, and there are police guards at each entrance, it's weird to think that the police are convinced it's someone local.

Have got some house details, and we're sending our little helper to look at them ASAP, one of them has a Charles Dickens blue plaque, and another has a sea view, all are big enough for a pool table too... inevitably I'm starting to look towards the upper limits of my budget. In other house news, there's been another objection to the planning permission on the bungalow.

Last point, got a weird spam just now, will post the full contents as a response to this to save space... I think it must be someone's idea to be sent paper from overseas, maybe for recycling, possibly it has a significant value... could be a nice little earner!
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RE: Squirrel vs Magpie

Hello all, I received this letter through one of our distributors in South Africa. I found that in Estaer Europe it is very easy to pretend to be a legal represenattive of a western company and opern accounts in banks and even get credit. Our sources topd us that is the meaning of the scam and not recycling paper...unless you mean Doolars carefull and all the best.
Asaf Yaari, CEO
PC-NoteTaker Ltd, Israel
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electronic pen

i have tried to buy an electronic pen from mr. asaf yaari from pc-note-taker (he says he is the CEO of the manufacturing company).
Actually I have found that this man is trying to get me into a scam, and he is not even a worker in pegatech (the true manufacturer) mr. asaf yaari is impersonating someone he is not so he could get money out of people.
Please look out for this man he is not a good-fellow.
Henry Wong
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RE: Sending Paper to Slovakia

I received the "Sir or Madam" e-mail. Of course I didn't think it was serious. I searched for the subject in internet and I've found this site.

I could never imagine that the e-mail could be a mean for obtaining paper for recycling!

Amazing, no?
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Sir or Madam,

After we had discovered the website of your company, we inspected your offer, which caught our attention, with great interest. We also provided this information to our business partners from regions where we perform our business activities. We were kindly surprised by a great interest and an urgent enquiry for more particular information and sale propagation materiels.

Therefore we would kindly ask for all possible info about your offer. In order to improve the quality of the sale and distribution of your offer, could you please send us all the possible material in printed version. We decided for this option, because Internet is not rather expanded in Eastern Europe. Knowing our market from long-time experience, we know, that a big percentage of transactions follow after the client had the possibility to see a printed version of the offer. Printer prospects constrain more attention, because they are physically in front of the reader. An offer in an electronical form / email, catalog on CD / usually has lower response, because it is rather impersonal. This feature is given by the former mentality system of people and the weak familiarity with IT technologies.

Considering the post-comunistic past of these countries / when all western products were matter of embargo / on this market there is a big demand for quality products from western and overseas countries.

Our company is located in Slovakia and engaged in marketing support and distibution of several types of products in Eastern Europe and Rusia for many years.

Whereas our activities are spread all througt eastern Europe and Russia / 13 states/, we would like to ask you for more sets of your poropagation materials, if possible. It would be wery essential, because we could start the propagation of your products in all the countries at once, which would multiple the possible business contracts.

Hereby we request the terms of possible future cooperation, and the minimum order amount, or the „setup order“ conditions.

Please, send all the information and offer material to the folowing address:

Contact Plus s.r.o.
P.O.Box 210
Bratislava 3
830 00

We look forward to your reply and hope for the establishing of good business cooperation and partnership.

With regads

Larry Kovacs
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RE: Sir or Madam,

We are a software company from The Netherlands and received the e-mail as well......
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RE: query from Eastern Europe

We are an online store for souvenir articles and have also received the exact same e-mail on 31 January 2004.....
Thank you SOO MUCH for your site! We did not reply to the message.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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RE: Sir or Madam,


Just received the email from the company (Contact Plus). So Larry is still attempting to pbtain info.

Thanks to your site one less "mug". Ta
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RE: Sir or Madam,


We are a distributor of handcraft and alpaca products located in Peru and also received this e-mail, but I did not reply to this message.
Lucky me, it is not the first time I receive this kind of "offer".

Lima, Peru
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RE: Larry Kovacs,

Dear L.Kovacs
We got your reference from your introduction letter offered to one of our sister concern in India... snip! Don't post your company details up here!
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This is my site, where I reposted the suspicious email I got, supposedly from his company.
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We are a Tour Operator in China , received this email days ago . Fortunately we read your messaged!God!Thanks for your useful inforamtion.

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RE: Sir or Madam,

Hello everyone,

we are a distributor of electronic components located in Belgium and also received this e-mail.
I was suspicious and did not reply to this message.
Lucky me!

Linda Liessens
SIL, Antwerp BE
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RE: Sir or Madam,

Dear Mr Kovacs

About two weeks ago my collegue called me from London and told me that you have asked some information about our company.
Well its a pitty since I am in Bratislava for the moment with my wife for the Cristmass Holidays and I would like to meet you in person.
Unfortunately I had no contact number and I wouldnt be able to contact you.
I will be here till the 11th but if you have a contact number please send it to and we could meet.
I would also apreciate if you give a small picture of your company because we like you saw in our site apecialize in military products,trainning,equipment etc etc.
I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards

Alex Spinoulas
G21 Int'l Ltd
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RE: Sir or Madam,

Did Mr. Kovacs answer to you?
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RE: Sending Marketing Materials to Slovakia

While saying they want the paper for recycling, I think the reason is much more pragmatic. If you get companies to send you all their marketing information, and projected sales, brochures, and such, persons in Eastern Europe can make easy reuse of this material. I think it is pretty funny that this guy gets companies to send him their business intelligence under the guise that "I am here to help you market your wares in Eastern Europe". And, he doesn't even provide any information to validate just who he is.
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RE: Sending Marketing Materials to Slovakia

I've had several of these so told them I didn't have a printer. They still send duplicates, tho.
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RE: Sir or Madam,

This can also be some scan for people to provide original copyrighted materials which can be easily copied and distributed without payment to the original author.

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RE: Sir or Madam,

I am in Qingdao, China and have received exactly the same email as the above. Anyway, I won't contact that guy.
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RE: Sir or Madam,

Here is their email: snip! yes, already got the email thanks
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