Bluewater Drinking


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Bluewater + Drinking

Going to Bluewater today (definitely not Lakeside, ever again) and also meeting Richy for some quiet drinks, possibly at the Shakespeare.
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Neal's Yard Salad Bar

Went to Covent Garden in the end, and got the rest of the shopping sorted, and got some nice hot food in Neal's Yard Salad Bar. Clare thought it was a bit bland and not as good as Planet Organic but it ws in the right part of town at the right time. They do vegan pizzas and pies and quiches and other specials, I had a black bean and pumpkin thing and Clare had a risotto.

Neal's Yard Salad Bar

1,2,8/10 Neal's Yard

Covent Garden



Telephone 020 7836 3233

Went to The Alma instead of The Shakespeare, and have maybe given Rich and Miriam some thoughts about moving to Folkestone. Well maybe.
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