Ongoing Excel / PERL stuff


Ongoing Excel / PERL stuff

The PERL Excel project is coming along nicely, it takes a long time to parse an Excel file, they're enormous... I've been working with a month's worth of gigs, just in partner venues in the UK, and that comes to about 1.1MB, so I opened it in Excel and trimmed out all but about 6 lines of it, and it STILL comes to half a meg, insane...

Think we might have MICE in the flat, Clare heard rustling in a cupboard, though it was too dark to investigate (ie I'm putting it off)...

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Too many fields appear to be blank

In my ongoing perl / excel investigations, I'm finding that about 5 out of 6 rows appear to have blank info in them, this can't be right can it? Going to learn how to use Data::Dumper so as to investigate the spreadsheets further...
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Should have checked right away, those lines in the excel file actually were blank... going to work on a few previous months listings now!
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How to convert an Excel date to a UNIX date

Excel stores a date as the number of days since the start of 1900, and UNIX as the number of seconds since the start of 1970, so the sum is:

$unixTime = ( $excelDate - 25569 ) * 24 * 60 * 60;

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