RE: stellastarr* - 552

RE: stellastarr* - 552

Hiya... I just discovered your site while doing a search for Stellastarr*

I only discovered the band on Saturday and immediately looked to see if they were touring and have been lucky enough to get tickets for tonight's gig @ the Carling Academy, Islington.

I wondered how you got into the band and to say 'hello(!)' if we see each other there. I will be there with a mate (shortish balding chap!) and possibly my gf (if she can actually get away from work in time) and am picking up my tix on the door.

There's a pic of me and the (near) missus @ - just so you know who to say hello too!!!

Have fun and I know what you mean about having a nasty cold. I've had mine for weeks now... and just found out that we have damp in our flat (could explain a few things)... and even worse that the builders might need to knock into our bathroom wall! They can sod off before I head off out tonight though :p

Tara for now... Paul

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Mon Nov 24 2003