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Up early to get those AC/DC tickets

Hammersmith Odeon

Good weekend though, started slightly fuzzy with booze, then met the parents for a curry at the Punjab in Covent Garden, then saw David Blaine in his box, he really does seem to be there, I don't get what the trick is still. Is David Blaine cheating? Then a mooch round Borough Market, got some New Forest cider, then an equally fantastic curry in the Anglo Asian, then a mooch round Spitalfields Market, a very productive weekend, hope the week can be as good... already have lined up Chikinki tonight at Barfly, then Duran Duran tomorrow, then quite possibly Frank Black on Wednesday, then it seems REM are playing Shepherds Bush Empire on Thursday, so who knows... then meeting up with The Chaps on Friday. Action packed.

You have been successful in booking tickets for the Carlinglive Presents AC/DC gig at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith on Tuesday 21st October.

Seems they've put quite a bit of effort into stopping touting -
Wristbands will be fixed to your wrists when they are collected at the box office, therefore if you have reserved two tickets, then the person attending the gig with you must be present when you pay for them
... There's on Ebay already, that's the only way to be able to flog them, to arrange for the person with the money to come to the venue with you, not very professional as far as touts go! Still, I have already struck a deal with a cow-orker, if he got tickets I'd have one, and if I did, he would... not going to be at all convenient to go and collect them, will mean a taxi there and back in a lunch hour, but hopefully another option will present itself.
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Hammersmith Odeon
AC/DC Hammersmith review here, it was ace... Check out their official site...
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AC/DC tickets (slight return)

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Hammersmith Odeon
There's a pair on offer for a thousand pounds, are they taking the piss or what?

When all the fuss has died down, there'll be AC/DC tickets through popex, as normal...

VERY excited today to hear a mate say that he'd heard that the KISS / Aerosmith tour WILL be coming to the UK next year, most likely Milton Keynes though...
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Barfly admin

This AM, done some reporting for Barfly, which turned into a "they'll want this again next month, best to spend a couple of hours writing a script to do it"... Then more tiny reports and queries and fixes that ended up taking half of the day... Also going to change the calendar system so one event can spread over several days. Also got a couple of ads in, for Ebay and for BT, not the best payers, but better than a kick up the arse!

PopEx chart entry day too, lovely.
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AC/DC tickets Hammersmith

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Hammersmith Odeon
Might have a competition on to win a pair of tickets to the AC/DC concert at Hammersmith Apollo, courtesy of m/
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