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Bank holiday WEEKENDER!

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Stop panicking everyone, I'm back, reporting on updates of the weekend... Quite literally THREE PEOPLE said on the phone that they thought something was up / I'd gone away somewhere because the site wasn't updated over the weekend. Sorry! How will you all cope if say I go away on honeymoon for two weeks? Perhaps we will train the squirrels to update the site while we're away.

More of a quiet, mature, married, middle aged bank holiday weekend this time. Some of our drinking buddies are away on holiday right now, so generally we took things more slowly. Started off with a rarity on Friday, drinks in THAT LONDON! Went to The Porterhouse to meet some friends, including SAINT RALPH - he was an usher at the wedding, and we only just found out what a trek he made to get to the wedding... Knew he was in New York just before the wedding, but didn't realise it was the day before, so he was flying back into England on the morning of the wedding. He was flying with BA, so because of the strikes he was stuck. He booked another flight, but this meant a crappy seat without the lying down business option that he'd relied on, so he'd been 36 hours and a flight with no kip. He flew in, raced straight to our place to pick up his suit, and then carried on his usherly duties without complaint. AND how did we reward him? With a child's waistcoat, so he couldn't breath all day. Doesn't show up at all on the pictures, good man Ralph.

Saturday we went to Canterbury, shopped a bit and had lunch at Wagamama. Because I was driving I dipped out on the plum wine, probably the best thing in Wagamama, so I got some fruit wine from Canterbury Wholefoods and some soda water to make my own when I got home. Not quite right, but not bad.

Saturday night, I think we stayed in! Unheard of for a weekend, particularly a bank holiday weekend. Sunday we got our official wedding photos back, see them in the wedding photo set, reprints are available from Ian Giles photos... Went down to the car show at The Grand which was nice. Met someone from Hazzard VW club, they had some splitty vans and a couple of cool Beetles there, so might go along to one of their meet's - it's on the calendar. Had a nice walk around the town, down to the harbour and the beach, it was great weather for this. Hardly missed Reading at all... Went back to the harbour in the evening, it was a bit rubbish, too many huge drunk families. Someday soon the Harbour will be great. But not yet.

Monday did DIY, well tried to. Clare bought me a drill for my birthday, so I could put our dartboard up. Turned out to be too hard to put the cabinet up yet, so just the board is up. I don't think we were too bad at all, Clare better than me, but that will change, oh yes.

Damn, just seen that drill is much cheaper on Amazon.
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where is wagas

in canterbury? and where is nandos? where have all these restaurants sprung up from? back in the day, there was only mcdonalds and burger ming.
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Wagamama is on Longmarket, near the Cathedral

Nando's is down the other end, St Peter's Street... there's TONNES of choice in Canterbury. The Goods Shed at Canterbury West looks good for omnivorous types, haven't eaten there myself though. See more of my Canterbury recommendations.
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