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Went to the Astoria last night to see The Foo Fighters, and it was ace. Right until the last minute I thought I wasn't going, then got a phone call from someone at work to say he wasn't going and I could have his tickets, what a great chap! He's the Kaiser Chiefs manager, so in return I will be encouraging everyone to buy the I Predict A Riot single which was out this week, let's send it to number one and buy him a speedboat. It's from the album Employment. Anyway, see my Foo Fighters review, save me repeating myself too much.

We had dinner at Pizza Express with Emma, and some drinks in the Princess Louise. Our hotel (oh yes, we made a night of it, no four hour commute and 6am start after a gig like this) was the Waverley on Southampton Row. Not bad at all, not the most glamorous room but a handy location, cheap enough, all the facilities and a cooked breakfast buffet. Would be nice to do this more often, but 70 quid is 70 quid...

What on earth was google talk doing on the front page of the Standard yesterday? Is there something I've missed? Does it offer more than MSN or Skype do already?
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Foo Fighters...

..no fair
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A hundred million apologies

As if it wasn't bad enough I made you go and see Queen, then I go and steal this one from under your nose. Prepare to be jealous some more, just got a text from Emma saying something like "OMG I just did a shot with Dave Grohl!" - she is at the Kerrang Awards right now. She wouldn't drink a shot if she was just out with us!
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