Clarke Family of Wymering


Clarke Family of Wymering

Hi I am doing some research on a Clarke family for a friend of mine and wondered if there might be a connection?

Edward Clarke b.1807 Hereford married Jemima Blanche Chapman 1828 St Mary's Portsea. Their first child Edward Boynton Clarke was born in Portsmouth in 1831 and baptised at St Thomas Portsmouth. 2nd child William Henry Clarke was born 1833 Wymering & died 1834 Wymering. 3rd son John William Clarke born 1836 Wymering (this is my friends Great Grandfather) Next child was born 1839 in Woolwich, so sometime between 1836 & 1839 they left Wymering.

Last Sunday I was in the Portsmouth area and managed to find Wymering Church, as well as the cemetery opposite. Where I found William Henry Clarke's gravestone, though was unable to read much more than his name!

Do you recognise any of these names as being part of your family and do you know whether details of the graves have been recorded by anyone?


Barbara Wyatt
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Hi Barbara,
I don't think we are connected but you never know. I have not traced all my Clarke'

Hi Barbara,
I don't think we are connected but you never know. I have not traced all my Clarke's yet. You were lucky to see a headstone of yours still standing. The grave yard has been vandalised quite a lot and a lot of headstones are completely broken and very often missing from their original locations. According to a list that I have, there are only 7 CLARKE's all but one are mine. W.H.Clarke died or was buried July 1878.There are 2 CLARK's (no "e") John William Heath Clark Jan 1876 and Samuel Clarke July 1875. The current church warden has tried to update a list that was compiled by her predecessor. Hope this helps
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Clarke Family

Hi again
Thanks for your reply. I know I think luck was on my side when I found that stone,I was just about to give up the search and it just said look at me!!

Do you have any details of how I can contact the church warden to see if he has an updated list of the graves or whether my friend could see if she can clean the stone up a bit and may be get some more information from it.

An address or email of the church warden would be of great help.
Thanks again
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Gillian Coles is the church warden. Her email is The names were recor

Gillian Coles is the church warden. Her email is The names were recorded in 1970 that is the ones that could be read at the time. The burial register is held at the Portsmouth Records office.Let me know how you get on. Gillian may take some time to reply as she can be quit busy(and forgetfull!)
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