Property Ladder

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Property Ladder is back on TV tonight, 8pm. Please let me watch it Clare, please! When we get our Sky + there will be no stopping me, I'll have the next seven weeks worth recorded!

Yet again in this series, the householders will be annoying and wrong, Sarah Beeny will tell them to keep it neutral, and they'll go "ooh, I know, but I think I know best here and have spent 50k on a new glass toilet!!!". Tonight's muppet owns a cottage in Chingford.

Who would win in a fight, Kirsty Allsopp or Sarah Beeny?
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Cat Fight

According to googlefight, Sarah Beeny wins by a significant margin
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Hope I spelled her name correctly

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The second image here hardly looks like her at all...

Ah, I did misspell, it's Kirstie Allsopp. There's a page of Kirstie pictures, and pictures of Sarah Beeny on
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my god

*rubs thighs* - i would give my right leg to see those two have a naked mud wrestle.

they both have such great attributes - kirsty has slightly more sass, sarah has more edge to her.

worst property ladder i ever saw was these two sisters who turned this art deco house into a brothel-like shambles - spending 200 a tile (or some thing like that) just cos they had shiny jewels in them. K R A Z Y.
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Why do people go on that show and STILL not listen?

Maybe it's all in the editing, and she doesn't come up with the smart advice until afterwards...
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i think it's just in the nature of british people - they're very funny about houses and perceive houses nearly always as a home and not an asset. this is not helpful when the house in question isn't your home but a buy-to-let / buy-to-improve-and-sell-quickly!!!

yet another example of why the british people shouldnt be allowed to vote - thick mongs.
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