Folkestone Property Prices


Folkestone Property Prices

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Trying out a new Folkestone property prices thing from - lets me have live updates in the sidebar over there, do you see? If you don't see a table of average prices over the past six months then it means I've got bored and removed it... It's only updated once a month, so a bit pointless really, but maybe I can do something funky with the XML they're promising.

UPDATE: By XML, they mean that they use XML somewhere in the back end, it's not really an XML feed, all they offer is the javascript... You can grab this data yourself from and do what you like with it I suppose...

See my Folkestone property price map.


javascript: a major programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living
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Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly javascript, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

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