Adam Curry saviour of the universe!!!


Adam Curry saviour of the universe!!!

Hmm, I know who wrote this story. I have stopped listening to all the podcasts I used to subscribe to. Even the Engadget show has lost it's appeal, now it's changed. Interesting to see Adam Curry and Dave Winer disagreeing in that piece, I thought they were working together on some way of commercialising this.

As a favour to a mate, I'm not going to talk about podcasting any more, let's say blogcasting instead.

Got a tonne of spam going on on my Family Tree forum, going to have to sort that out. I'm using the nofollow method for preventing comment spam, deleting links as they fly in, learning patterns and blocking domains, but I still might need to do more. Think this site was added to a database of "forums where you can freely post links" at the weekend, this came up in the referrers anyway:


be a bit wacky if it's just referer spam, as it doesn't go anywhere...
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