Podcasting's not dead


Podcasting's not dead

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makezine.com have a piece on making yourself a podcasting appliance, ie a little radio type device just for listening to all these crap shows you can't help downloading.

They're giving a big up to a mate of mine, saying "Kosso from Blugg.com has created a very cool XML/Macromedia Flash application that really makes the podcast appliance more interesting", nice one...

I've stopped downloading all podcasts shows, I've not found one (apart from much missed the Engadget show) that's not rubbish.
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totally agree

the idea is a fine one, but the content can be really yawny. Wait until vidcasting gets going though - that could be hilarious. Just noticed Virgin Radio launched a podcast yesterday - http://www.virginradio.co.uk/thestation/podcasts/index.html
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That's quite a big move

I heard that yesterday I think... I've heard a few other people (that I would expect to) mention podcasting just recently too... Are they playing music on that one? I guess I should just tune in and find out... Why's their XML feed got a .html extension? Today's show here.

Video-casting could save it! If these people are as ugly as they sound, they'll disappear a bit sharpish!
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