Gymnastics again

Gymnastics again

8th in line at 5:20ish.

Another 4 people behind me at half past.

I do love these gymnastics sign ups at this time. At least I remembered my glasses today, and my book. Still reading Paul Theroux's The Pillars Of Hercules. I've been hanging on to this for well over a year now. I started reading this because he went to Albania, and we were going to Albania. I finally got to the Albania bit and man alive he doesn't seem to be having a positive experience there.

Nearly 5:40 and there are another 4 in the queue behind me, the class must be about full now.

Not many more people turned up after that, I think I could safely have arrived when the door was open and the queue moving and still got in this time... But won't risk it next time.

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Fri May 25 2018

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