Remembered I have some more vinyl to pump into

Remembered I have some more vinyl to pump into

I kept buying records after I moved to London, and I think all those records must be together in a box somewhere. I still had the record player when I lived in Blackfriars, though I don't think I took it anywhere after that. So there's a box with a load of David Devant singles in it, they must be worth a fortune! Providing the other David Devant fan doesn't already have them of course.

The value of my collection has already moved around this week, here is the top five right now:

[] Feeder - Two Colours [] The Wannadies - You & Me Song [] Manson - Take It Easy Chicken [] Mogwai / Backwater / Urusei Yatsura - Tour Split EP [*] Attic - All Plans Exist

Sorry Oasis you just drop out of the top five...

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Fri Mar 09 2018

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