Beetle day


Beetle day

It's the day to collect the beetle at last! It went in for mot about a month ago, and I got the call in the week that it is ready. We're off to Canterbury today anyway so will be collecting it on the way back...

Nothing super pressing in Canterbury but it's Clare's pay day so she can take us out for lunch! Also the boys might spend some more christmas money on some more books...

Wet out here but hopefully clearing throughout the day we will see.

Finally got confirmation of my tax return and I'm due a rebate. Only 瞿20 but better than the "you owe us another 瞿2000" like last time.

Have had to take money out of both holiday funds to pay for the beetle, they are both just about empty now. I had thousands in Clare's New York fund and similar in our Disneyland fund at the beginning of last year but I had to take it all out to pay for Corfu, with a plan to pay it back out of share money. This STILL has not materialised yet but there are two good chances this year... the tax window basically has to open this year at work, but also in March my share save matures, so I should be able to withdraw the full tax free allowance then. Maybe more, I'm estimating it's worth about 瞿10k?
Might be worth just paying the tax and cashing in the whole lot, sort everything out. Clare would like to pay for our Florida trip this year, I still have Centre Parcs to pay for AND have done nothing about New York yet...
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