We've been here before... Clare saw a mouse in the kitchen yesterday, while I was out picking up a takeaway. At first she said it was BIG, the distance she held her hand apart it must have been a coypu or something. However, it was under the fridge. I looked, it must have moved, though there's a crack in the skirting board big enough for a mouse, but not for anything the size of the giant rat beast of her fevered imaginings.

We have bought a mouse trap, a humane one of course, but then also a less humane one too. The latter is only for a joke, for Jackie, our elf on the shelf. It is basically his fault that the mouse came, he was rolling around in the breakfast cereal when the boys came down Sunday morning. This seems likely to be what attracted the vermin. So if Jackie were to get caught in a mouse trap, that would be justice. Hope it is not too traumatic.

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Mon Dec 11 2017

Paul Clarke


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