I went out! On a school night!

I went out! On a school night!

The Wedding Present last night, first gig in a while for me. A new venue I think, the old ticket office of Dover Harbour Station. A bit rough and ready but a good honest place to put on a gig, rather than a pub room or actual theatre type venue. Missed the support as we went to a good pub first (The Lanes) but then braved the very cold wind to the gig.

They opened with Once More from their sort of collection album Tommy, which set the tone. "They" of course is David Gedge and a new set of musicians who were not born when this came out originally. Then Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah which is later (but still 1990s) then back to the awesome Corduroy. Then a couple I didn't know, one really good sounding one that is off a new EP and then into George Best in full. No slowing down now, they powered through four tracks without taking a pause, then some banter, then some more songs. A brief breather to "turn the vinyl over" at the end of side one, then the rest. The ended the set - via a brief reminder that they don't do encores and they don't to requests, so no Brassneck for everyone who was shouting - with Kennedy. And then home! If I was more of a hardcore fan these days the merch stand was amazing, loads of old CDs and vinyl, fanzines, t-shirts, all sorts of memorabilia. But home for us. No drinking for me as I was (generously) driving us. Wish it had been a weekend and I'd made an afternoon of it, then I would have come home with an armful of records that I'd never play again...

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Thu Dec 07 2017

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