Reindeer: automated

Reindeer: automated

Got some christmas deccorations up now, including two led reindeer on the front lawn, and they (along with the christmas tree are automated, on my lightwaverf calendar based timer...

Fairly quiet weekend, have been to the tip, have been to Bunnings, have filled up all my really useful boxes stashing things in the loft. Stopped to read some comics and magazines as I transferred them from cardboard boxes to the new long term and waterproof storage. Should have done it a lot earlier, some of them were a bit damp.

I'm quite sure I have spent more on the new boxes than the comics inside them are worth. I did spy a first edition Killing Joke though, and enjoy reading an old Vox from 1994 include "Ones to watch: Oasis".

Have also done some christmas cards today, just got to get a few more signatures from the boys on them and can send them off. Not sending many, I'd be quite happy to receive none at all.

Out for tea tonight, to the Harvester. The children's choice.

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Sun Dec 03 2017