My plan to ruin christmas for everyone for ever is taking shape!


My plan to ruin christmas for everyone for ever is taking shape!

I only wanted to get out of the secret santa round in the family, and I seem to have upset everyone. Not sure how that happened.

can I be left out of secret santa this year please?
Paul Clarke to Dominic, Dean, Jennifer, Jim, Clare
I'm sure it sounds like i'm being a grinch but i don't want to pick a present or presents for myself like this, feels too extravagant and wasteful to effectively blow 瞿50 on myself when I really don't want anything. I gave last year's secret santa gift away, and that was something I even chose and bought myself, and I have secret santas from previous years that I picked myself but haven't got round to using yet.
If you've picked me already just toss me aside and pick again, if no-one's picked me yet can you fish me out of the sorting hat please?
It shouldn't affect anyone else and as we are out of town on christmas day this year you won't even notice one person not opening their box of festive swag.
Thanks all, I meant to say this when we were at the gig on Saturday but it didn't come up.
See you all soon!

RE: can I be left out of secret santa this year please?
Dean Weston to Paul, Jenny, Dominic, Clare, Jim
Hi Paul - for some reason I didn't get this email. Have to day disappointed that you chosen not to participate in Secret Santa this year. Christmas is all about sharing and giving tokens of appreciation of friendship etc. I may appreciate that you may not personally want something yourself for Christmas but am sure any of us would have been happy to have donated our 瞿50 to Pilgrims Hospice or any other charity of your choosing.

Personally think you are being short sighted on this

RE: can I be left out of secret santa this year please?
Jenny Mahon to Paul, Dom, Clare, Jim, Dean
I agree with Dean, Christmas is about giving and it would be a shame for you not to particpate. I think a charitable donation if you can't think of a gift for yourself is a lovely idea.
My mum is still raising money for the wondeful pilgrims hospice. 瞿50 towards her ever building 瞿4560 would make such a difference. Just an idea.
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