We have ventured into the world of Netflix


We have ventured into the world of Netflix

Seeing what all the Netflix fuss is about, we have given it ago. Not sure how durable it will be but there's some good content there, I'm pleased so far. Watched Gotham yesterday, will catch up on all the episodes I have missed, and then we're giving Stranger Things a go later, and a few people have recommended Ozark too. And it's not costing anything yet, so we'll have to binge on it until the whole thing catches up with us... Really cool to just have it working through the existing Humax set top box, works seamlessly.

We're logging in as Kev, he has a paid account and you can add family members on other devices too. Seems against the spirit of it, though we are family members. How are they ok with this when it is clear we are on different continents? Who knows... Will see how long we get away with it for, I have always suspected we could plough through the quality content in just the month's free trial we could legitimately have.


humax: set top box / media centre - like your sky plus, but better and free
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