Supposedly Amazon Echo Plus will be reduced tomorrow

Supposedly Amazon Echo Plus will be reduced tomorrow

Is this what they call cyber monday? The Amazon Echo Plus, the new one that has the zigbee home automation hub built in is supposedly dropping from 140 to 110 tomorrow so I'm looking out for that. I'm still not entirely decided that it is the one for me but it sounds like it will be fun for everyone, and at the least works as a bluetooth speaker so we can all get something out of it. So checking here tomorrow...

Went out for lunch today just the youngest one and I as Clare and the other one were watching Matilda on TV and making a picnic out of it. Our lunch was not successful, I had beans and mushrooms on toast and he had a ham baguette that he ate approximately one crumb of. We went in Ti Luck because he insisted that the ham baguette there was what he wanted and couldn't be persuaded into somewhere clearly nicer like Comemos or Orchard Lane or Loaf. Ti Luck might be good as a Thai takeaway, I think it was when we ordered from there once, but in the daytime it's a greasy spoon, and I would not recommend it. Actually even their Thai menu makes no concessions even to vegetarians, so we don't tend to go there. Last time he chooses. Early tea then as he hasn't had enough lunch!

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Sun Nov 19 2017

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